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Can Tree Roots Damage Your Home's Foundation?

23 NOV 2022

Can Tree Roots Damage Your Home's Foundation?

Tree roots can stretch far beyond the canopy, compromising the structural integrity of the surrounding structures. While the damage is not instant, the severity can be shocking. If you have trees on your property, it may be time to hire a professional tree care company for a maintenance inspection. Sesmas Tree Service leverages extensive industry knowledge and innovative equipment to detect minor signs of damage and recommends a viable solution.

Building foundations are susceptible to root damage, hence the need to work with a reputable tree service to provide care. Our team of professional arborists can determine if a particular tree species poses a threat to your home’s foundation and recommend a viable solution. Here are the reasons some tree species damage your home’s foundation.

Cracks and Crevices

Tree roots can find minor cracks in your home’s foundation, prying them wider, which speeds up the rate of deterioration. The type of trees on your premises determines if roots can grow underneath and through the foundations, rendering them unstable. If you detect signs of structural damage, it may be time to onboard a tree care company for maintenance.


Tree roots expand in dry seasons and shrink in the cold seasons, affecting the structural integrity of the surrounding soil. This makes the soil in your property shift, and your foundation can start sinking and become uneven. While not all trees damage the foundation of a building, we can help you determine which trees are more destructive. Let’s look at some species that are the most destructive.

Oak Tree

Oak trees are not common in residential areas and comprise less than 5% of the tree population. Despite the sparse population, they are responsible for 11% of the damage to house foundations in the United States. This tree species has a fast-growing root system that spreads quickly to enhance water and nutrient absorption. Since the roots are shallow, they seek any source of moisture, especially from leaky plumbing lines. If there’s an oak tree in your backyard, a professional tree service can help get rid of it before the damage becomes irreversible.

Poplar Trees

The most distinctive trait of poplar trees is shallow roots, which are aggressive and fast-growing. Poplars usually grow inside leaky sewer lines, choking the pipes until the problem becomes more pronounced. Homeowners need to schedule regular inspections with a trusted service provider to detect signs of root damage before the safety of your home is compromised.

Ash Trees

Ash trees are common in most neighborhoods across the country. However, they have a fast-spreading root system that grows up to 30 feet. An ash tree near your home causes significant damage, especially when you have leaky plumbing lines running underneath and through the foundation. These are some species property owners need to look out for before things get out of hand.

Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and schedule a consultation with our expert tree service providers. We guarantee nothing short of excellence in every landscaping project, ensuring your premises are in tip-top condition without breaking the bank.