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6 Beautiful Trees to Plant in a Small Front Yard

30 JUN 2024

6 Beautiful Trees to Plant in a Small Front Yard

Trees are magnificent entities that provide many benefits, from increasing property value to purifying the air. As a property owner, it is advisable to schedule routine maintenance with a professional tree care company to ensure healthy growth and longevity. If you have a small yard, several tree species can improve the quality of your property without compromising aesthetics and safety. The Sesmas Tree Service can provide pertinent information and guidance, ensuring a lush yard without the risk of root invasion.

Japanese Maple

A small yard doesn’t mean you should only grow shrubs or a garden. You can add beauty and color by planting Japanese maple. This tree produces vibrant leaves that change color year-long and grow roundly, making it ideal for limited spaces. Consult a tree service expert to determine if the conditions on your property are suitable for this species to avoid deterioration and premature tree removal.

Chaste Tree

Chaste trees are common on front yards across the country, enhancing outdoor spaces with lush green foliage and lilac blooms. Unlike most species, the chaste tree is easy to grow, but routine pruning is essential to prevent overgrowth. A tree care company recommend the chaste tree for those who want fast growth since it takes almost half the time other tree species take to grow.

Eastern Redbud

Do you enjoy a colorful yard? If so, the Eastern redbud is an excellent option, with eye-catching pink flowers that bloom during the growing season. Another benefit of this tree species is its non-invasive root system, which makes it easy to contain in small yards. These features also make it ideal to grow near hardscapes like walkways without risking damage.


Trees change throughout the year, depending on the season. Whether it’s colorful blooms in spring or bare trees in winter, this is not a concern with crabapple trees. This species maintains red fruits throughout, so you don’t have to worry about seasonal effects on curb appeal. Because crabapples come in varying sizes, consult a tree service expert to choose the right one for your yard.

Crape Myrtle

If you want a more natural look, crape myrtle trees are an excellent choice. Their pink flowers bloom in the spring and summer, and the green foliage maintains the tree’s beauty in the fall. Although the crape myrtles maintain foliage most of the year, improper care can cause deterioration in winter, resulting in tree removal emergencies.

Star Magnolia

Lastly, we have the star magnolia, which elevates landscapes with snow-white blossoms. These trees are small but have multiple trunks, often looking like an overgrown shrub. Routine inspections and maintenance by certified arborists are essential to prevent infections and infestations. Now that you know some of the trees to grow in a small yard, you can enhance the quality of your property without risking safety hazards.

Contact us at the Sesmas Tree Service and schedule a consultation with our arborists to enhance curb appeal and the overall lushness of your yard. We leverage extensive knowledge and experience to provide tailored care for various tree species, ensuring a worthwhile investment.