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The Importance of Roof Clearing

11 JAN 2023

The Importance of Roof Clearing

Fall is finally here, and we can expect plenty of changes on various trees. From the transformation of leaves into vibrant colors to thick foliage, which provides a beautiful blanket anywhere you walk, autumn makes planting trees worth it. However, it also means you need yard maintenance, especially if you have a lot of trees on your property.

At Sesmas Tree Service, we can help with lawn care, focusing on all the areas that are usually overlooked, like the roof. While a few twigs on the roof may not be a major cause for concern, they can clog the gutters and cause severe property damage if left unchecked. Here are reasons to hire a tree care company for professional roof clearing.

Leaves, Twigs, and Debris Block Gutters

Roof cleaning is not just for aesthetics but also clear fallen leaves, twigs, and debris. If you don’t schedule regular maintenance, the leaves on your roof will find their way into your gutter, wreaking unimaginable havoc. We can help you prevent overflowing gutters and damage to your exterior. While DIY roof clearing helps maintain efficient gutters, a reputable tree service uses industry-standard tools to guarantee clean rooftops and clear gutters.

Prevent Mold and Mildew Growth

Another benefit of regularly clearing the roof is to prevent mold and mildew from growing. Fungus grows on surfaces exposed to moisture for over 24 hours, and wet leaves provide the ideal conditions on your roof. A moldy roof is an eyesore that compromises the aesthetics of your home and potentially causes structural damage. You can avoid the hefty cost of mold remediation and repairs by working with a professional tree care company to maintain your roof. We leverage innovative equipment and strategies to prevent destructive organic growth from damaging your roof.

Protect Your Roof

It’s not just fallen twigs and leaves you should be concerned about-overhanging branches need to be removed. If branches are hanging above your roof, they pose various safety risks. Identifying and clearing them before they cause irreversible damage during a storm is critical. The last thing you want is a large branch falling on your roof, causing holes, splits, and cracks that result in leaks and water damage. Homeowners can attempt to clear overhanging branches on their own, but the job is incredibly dangerous and can cause in injuries.

Keep Property Value Up

If you want to list your home for sale in the future, this is the best time to schedule routine maintenance inspections with a trusted tree care company. Prospective buyers usually focus on face value, hence the need to ensure your roof receives the care it deserves. A poorly maintained roof affects curb appeal and reduces the property value. If you compare the cost of hiring a tree service for regular yard care and the property value when you are ready to sell, there’s no doubt roof clearing is critical.

Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and talk to our certified arborists about roof clearing and tree care services. We guarantee clients top-notch services at competitive market rates.