Apr 23 2019

Why You Should Consider Planting a Shrub in Your Yard

It's so difficult to put a dollar value on the benefits of trees and shrubs to our environment and sometimes they are overlooked. Having shrubs planted around the premises can give us the opportunity of making our yard to be an extension of the living room.

Imagine the feeling of sitting around your yard under a mature shrub to observe what Mother Nature has to offer. Not to mention the quality time you could spend with your kids to develop the needed family bonding.

Therefore, if you're planning to add glamour to your yard or other landscape changes, you need to consider planting more shrubs. There are a lot of advantages to having shrubs and trees all over your yard.

Shrubs brings out the beauty of your landscape

The combination of Azaleas and boxwood shrubs will be a beautiful addition to your outdoor landscape. When you have a professional at Sesmas Tree Service handle the planting and designs, you will get the pop of color you've been looking for.

The boxwood compliments the beauty of the azaleas and they will provide a stunning look to your landscape. Though they need continuous watering, the colorful foliage of the boxwood and flowers of azalea will make your yard blossom at all seasons.

They offer you an alternative to improve the value of your property and curb appeal as well. We can recommend species that are inexpensive and could grow fast to complement other landscaping endeavors.

Shrubs help lower temperatures

Take advantage of tall shrubs to keep your yard naturally cool during the hot summer season. It is recommended to plant the shrubs along the southern direction of your yard to shade windows and walls from heat.

Even when temperatures drop drastically, they can keep your yard warm and help you substantially decrease your heating or energy bills. Their growth is slower when compared to other plants, but they can provide the best cooling shade when positioned properly by a professional.

Improves soil stability and enhances air quality

Some species with deeper roots have sufficient embedment and adhesion thereby increasing the soil shear strength. Research has also proven that they can improve slop stability when planted in an area with architectural constraints.

The planting of shrubs and trees is highly encouraged since urban pollution is becoming a serious problem. These greenery plants can reduce levels of carbon dioxide that is propagated by the increasing number of industries and automobiles.

Call us for your tree care and maintenance service

If you want the right shrubs that will suite your need and also add seasonal interests to your landscape, then call experts at Sesmas Tree Service. We have been offering tree care services to homeowners and our customer service is unmatched.

You will not get your hands dirty while taking care of the trees and shrubs in your premises any longer as our experts are ready 24/7 to help you maximize the benefits of your green space.

Let experts from Sesmas Tree Service evaluate your yard and recommend shrubs, groundcovers, vines and trees that will promote a relaxing ambiance in your home or office location.

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