Jan 6 2019

How to Trim & Shape a Red Maple Tree

The red maple tree is a traditional tree, native to the North American region, it can grow up to 60 feet tall at maturity and it is characterized with its bright green leaves or bright red and yellow leaves in the fall season. The red maple can grow up to 2 feet in a year and it is considered as the fastest growing, therefore, you should consider trimming and shaping the red maple. You may want to contact Sesmas Tree Servicef for efficient trimming and pruning of your red maple tree. If you want to go about this trimming alone, you will need pruning shears, a tree saw, Goggles, ladder, trash can, and gloves.

What to know about pruning red maple tree?

You should consider pruning in the late spring season, and between May and early June are most suitable. Experts suggest that you should allow the new leaves on the tree develop before pruning, and the reason being that the tree is producing less sap between May and early June which reduces messy tree pruning.

You should prune a young tree lightly, while older trees will require more pruning. Make sure you leave the main center branch and the competing branches can be pruned, in order to maintain that oval shape. All dead branches must be removed during pruning. All branches with no leaves and those that are too close to the trunk must be removed. Make use of the saw to saw the branches close to the trunk at an angle, similarly, dead branches near the living branches must also be pruned.

Other areas to prune on your maple tree

Any new shoot that is growing at the middle of existing branches must be cut. Make sure the maple tree has between 5 and 8 established branches while trees that are younger than 5 should have been 3 and 4 branches. All shoots that are too close to the trunk should be pruned, especially those on the main branch, and the reason being that it is good to allow new shoots to sprout right from the end of the new branches rather than close to the trunk. 

Make sure all branches that obstruct driving, walking or standing under the tree, are removed. Once the trimming is completed, make sure you dispose of them effectively, inside a recycling container. Make sure you perform this pruning exercise as a tradition, on yearly basis, it will help maintain a healthier and more beautiful maple tree.

The pruning or trimming of the maple tree is not always straightforward as it seems, that is the reason why you need the help of certified arborists to handle such exercises. Sesmas Tree Service provides highly skilled and well-trained certified, licensed and insured arborists, who can handle maple trimming services, as well as trimming services for other species of trees. Sesmas Tree Service arborists provide reliable and 100% guaranteed, tree trimming, pruning, and other tree management services at the most affordable and budget-friendly prices. Please contact us today!

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