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How Do Trees Grow Old and Die?

06 AUG 2019

How Do Trees Grow Old and Die?

Whether you have a tree on your property or are simply interested in arboriculture, you might be curious about the lifecycle of trees. Specifically, how do trees grow old and die? Sesmas Tree Service has years of experience in this field and is happy to share some information with our friends. If you have specific questions or concerns about a tree on your property, feel free to call Sesmas Tree Service in Atlanta to speak with a certified arborist.

Average Lifespans of Trees

Trees are living organisms just like humans and they too have growth, reproduction, and death. As you know, trees have life spans that vary greatly. For example, fruit trees generally live for between fifteen and fifty years. Olive trees can live for as long as 500 years. Meanwhile, Redwoods and Bristlecone pines can live for thousands of years! So, what determines how long these trees die? How do they grow old and die? This question is actually misleading because trees do not die of old age. In fact, neither do humans. We simply die due to causes associated with aging.

Cause of Death

Dying of old age is not a scientifically accurate term. Nobody dies of old age, per se. Rather, we pass away from common diseases or complications associated with aging such as an organ failure, stroke, or Alzheimers disease. Similarly, trees do not die of old age. Instead, they die due to the accumulation of diseases and stressors such as storms, diseases, pests, insects, soil erosion, weather, and pollution. Technically, a tree can live forever so long as nothing interferes with its ability to perform its life functions that allow it to survive. Alas, the chances are slim to none. Tree Removal In Johns Creek

Threats to A Trees Life

So, if we want our tree to live for as long as possible, we are going to have to eliminate the threats to its survival capabilities. Needless to say, it is impossible to eliminate all of them, but we can work to cure what we cannot prevent. Here are some primary threats to a trees life:

  • Insects and pests might look at your beautiful tree and see a potential cozy home. Small insects burrow into trees, building their homes and laying eggs. They may eat away at leaves and leech the trees nutrients.
  • Trees grab their nutrients from the soil beneath them. If there is a nutrient deficiency in the soil, then be sure to get a soil test to identify which nutrients the tree is lacking.
  • Fungi, bacteria, and diseases can lead to infected leaves and weak roots. Just like humans, trees are susceptible to disease.
  • External damage such as severed limbs and damaged bark can threaten a trees health, affecting the trees water and nutrient uptake.

Call the Professionals for Help

If you want a certified arborist to take a look at your tree and inspect its condition, then call the professionals at Sesmas Tree Service. We have been in the industry for over a decade and are committed to helping our community grow strong and healthy trees.