May 23 2019

What is The Difference Between Arborist and Landscaper?

It's difficult for the average homeowner to distinguish between the landscaper and the arborist because their job responsibilities seem to be similar. However, it is essential for every homeowner to understand that there is a whole lot of difference between the landscaper and the arborists. Failing to know the difference between these unique professions could lead to safety hazards, waste of time, and money.

Experts at Sesmas Tree Service has shown the distinguished the two noble professions in this article. So, roll up your sleeves, relax, and read through.

The responsibility of a landscaper

The job responsibility of the landscaper involves traditional landscaping, outdoor design, lawn care, lawn irrigation, garden bed preparation, mulching, and general maintenance. The landscaper is trained to offer aesthetic overhaul services to property owners in addition to cleaning up their yard.

The professional arborists

On the other hand, the responsibility of the arborists includes and not limited to extensive tree care, pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, cabling, and more. The arborists are specifically trained to identify and proffer solution to tree problems, perform arboricultural safety operations and adversary roles.

As a trained and certified tree care company, Sesmas Tree Service understands safety practices on the job site, we adhere to the industry pruning standards, and our liability insurance is up-to-date.

Therefore, homeowners should not allow landscape contractors to claim or take up the responsibility of an arborist because they are not equipped with the training and tools needed for such operations. More so, they could damage the trees in your property or sustain injuries while trying to prune the trees, and you will be liable for the penalties.

If you need professionals to take care of your trees so they could healthy and blossom, call professional arborists. We have all the needed equipment like chippers, chainsaws, tree evaluation, and drug administration tools, and our arborists are highly experienced.

How can a homeowner know when to call a landscaper or tree care specialist?

If you want an aesthetic overhaul of your yard or you need a little TLC on the lawn so your outdoors could look more attractive, then call a landscaping company.

On the flip side, perhaps you want new trees to be planted in your premises or the ones there are looking unhealthy and dangerous, then you need to call an arborist from Sesmas Tree Service

You can see that the scope of work between the landscaper and arborists has been simplified for your understanding. However, we are not fundamentally at odds with one another. We can collaborate to deliver exceptional services to clients.

Call tree care specialist for the following services.

Tree care - let us help you to ensure that your tree is healthy by removing insects and treating tree diseases

Pruning - we will evaluate your tree to determine the pruning techniques to administer

Emergency tree care - if you notice sudden health depreciation of the tree, we could be of help

Tree removal - help decide whether a tree should be removed and we will do that without further damage to your property.

We also offer tree risk assessment and other advisory roles, call us today to experience the difference in tree care service delivery.

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