Nov 05 2018

Winter Tree Pruning

Tree pruning in winter is important for so many reasons and fortunately Sesmas has made it a lot easier to get your tree pruned in the easiest and most reliable way. According to expert horticulturists, pruning deciduous plants in the winter will promote their rapid growth in Spring season, which means your precious deciduous plants will flourish by the beginning of springs season. When pruning trees in winter, it is important to remove those dead and diseased branches that can cause serious problems when they fall off in the winter. 

Many arborists believe, it is easier to identify falling and dead tree branches in winter, hence it makes more sense to prune such before they become hazardous. Secondly, winter pruning can help prevent the spread of diseases especially those diseases that are more rampant in the spring and summer seasons. The Oak wilt, and Cedar Hawthorn rust, are some of the diseases you can prevent by pruning trees in the winter. Winter pruning helps rejuvenate dying trees through the removal of deceased wood branches.

Other benefits of pruning trees in the winter

An arborist will gain better access to trees during winter. The frozen ground for instance will give an arborist, better access to some areas and equipment they would otherwise find difficult to reach. Pruning in winter also provides a better visibility. The reason being that there will be less foliage to obstruct one's view, therefore, structural defects of trees can be detected easily and that make it easier to make better pruning decisions.

Convenience is another benefit homeowner can derive from winter tree pruning. While many homeowners can be too busy with work and family events in the spring and the summer, the long winter breaks can provide the much-needed break to contact a professional arborist to carry out tree pruning in the home.

The winter seasons comes in-between the growing seasons of summer and springs, this simply means most tree defects will only be exposed during the winter season and that could be the most ideal time to correct tree defects. Falling trees can be offered structural support, during the Winter season, likewise trees growing out of proportion can also be given the right service to re-direct their growth patterns.

Sesmas tree pruning services is the right way

If you are unsure about where to get the right tree pruning services, contact Sesmas arborists. We are versatile in providing tree pruning, trimming and tree removal services for all species and kinds of trees. Our tree services will greatly enhance your entire landscape and we do not cause any damage to your yard, or any other part of your home. Our tree pruning, trimming and related services are budget-friendly, and we also provide guaranty on such services.

Have you discovered a fallen tree in your yard? Are their tree branches causing structural problems to your home? Why not give us a call and let us handle the issue in a professional way? We do provide emergency tree pruning and trimming services.

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