May 30 2019

Tree Care Myths

Trees need protection and adequate care for them to blossom and add to your properties curb appeal. Unfortunately, there are homeowners with myths lurk in their minds, and unknowingly, such believes negatively affect the proper growth and health of their trees.

These misinformation or insidious myths is detrimental to the wellbeing of trees, and it is our responsibility as professional arborists at Sesmas Tree Service to correct the wrong perception about tree care.

If there are trees in your property and you've neglected them because of certain pervasive myths or probably you're a new homeowner, continue reading to get the facts about tree care.

Myth #1: healthy trees cannot fall

The truth:

There are shallowly rooted trees that may fall when they are planted on a location with topographical constraints. Such trees with unstructured root system may look very healthy but will fall during adverse weather conditions.

Trees with shallow roots are at high risk of toppling under pressure, so it is good to get expert who will advise you on the right location to plant a particular tree.

Myth #2: Topping can improve the health of the tree and reduce fall hazards

The truth

No matter the justification, tree topping makes the tree more susceptible to disease and insect infestation. It's difficult for matured trees to grow when the top is cut.

Cutting off the branches indiscriminately makes the tree to be stressed and the stubs or literal branches to be too weak. The practice of topping is outdated and rarely recommended by professionals.

Myth #3: Any part of the tree can be cut; it will always grow back

The truth

Thoughtless pruning of the tree is detrimental to its health and growth. Additionally, it is good to know that the limps of a tree do not grow on the same spot. In severe cases, cutting sensitive parts of the tree can cause permanent damage.

Myth #4: Newly planted trees should be staked and wrapped

The truth:

Staking of newly planted trees is basically for support, and not every species need such support to develop adequately. If a tree species can stand on its own while growing, it will be detrimental to stake it. So you need prior knowledge of the characteristics of each tree before using the staking method.

Tree wraps are believed to prevent insect entry and also protect the young tree from extreme fluctuations in temperature. However, studies have shown that it is inappropriate to wrap some species because some insects can burrow under it, and certain trees need exposure to variable temperatures for their survival.

Myth #5: None professionals can efficiently manage trees

The truth:

Trees need to be handled by professionals to achieve the best results. Nonprofessionals will waste time fumbling around or figuring things out, and that could negatively affect the health of your tree. Additionally, it's only certified arborists that can identify infected trees and proffer solution to avoid costly damage.

Rather than depending on speculative stories and myths about tree care, call professional arborists at Sesmas Tree Service to take care of your tree so they could continue blossoming and remain healthy.

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