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Basics of Tree Trimming

25 JUN 2019

Basics of Tree Trimming

Who does not like to adorn their yard with marvelous trees? Whether you want some shade or want some fruit to enjoy, we, at Sesmas Tree Service, suggest that a tree is a great investment for your property. However, left alone, trees can become bulky and unpleasant, with branches growing unevenly and in unpredictable directions. Uncontrolled branches look distorted, but they can also have a negative impact on the health of the tree itself as well as nearby plants, shrubs, and vegetations. Tree trimming is one way that landowners, homeowners, and business owners can control the shape of the tree, saving the property from looking disorderly and saving other valuable plants nearby. If you need professional assistance with your trimming, you can call Sesmas Tree Service, your local trusted tree service provider.

What Is Tree Trimming?

You would be forgiven to think that tree trimming and tree pruning can be used interchangeably. In fact, these terms are not the same. Tree pruning is focused on the trees health and future growth though this goal also enhances the trees shape and beauty. Tree pruning targets diseased or dying branches.

Tree trimming on the other hand is focused primarily on the trees aesthetics. However, as you read in the intro, tree trimming does also help the trees health. For instance, getting rid of branches that are too long helps the rest of the tree receive their necessary nutrients. Also, these long branches may be safety hazards. Trimming these branches can save lives and property.

So, tree trimming and tree pruning are, in a way, similar, but they are not the same. If you have any specific questions about the two, you can call Sesmas Tree Service and speak with a friendly professional. We can schedule an appointment for the appropriate service.

Can I Trim My Trees on My Own?

It is always great to be self-sufficient, however, you must consider the risks and costs. Tree trimming requires particular equipment and sufficient knowledge. Our certified arborists at Sesmas Tree Service, for example, have years of experience, education, and training in the fundamentals of arboriculture as well as in the usage of the appropriate tools. If you are willing to spend the time and money on buying equipment and learning about the specifics of tree trimming, then you can surely trim your trees on your own. However, hiring a professional will save you time and money.

How Often Do I Need Tree Trimming?

Generally, a tree will only need to be trimmed once or maybe twice a year. Tree Trimming is typically done during the middle of the summer or during late winter and early spring. Spring flowering trees will usually need to be trimmed after the blooming season, toward the middle of summertime. Summer flowering trees are generally trimmed during the winter.

However, you might want to get an instantaneous trim if you notice that your trees are looking too large, bulky, or awkward. When you think its time for your tree to get a trim, you can call the experts at Sesmas Tree Service. Our courteous professionals are ready to take your call and schedule a flexible appointment.