Sep 17 2019

Is Fall Planting Better for Trees & Shrubs?

In the gardening world, many think Spring is the best season for tree and shrub planting; since Spring is the first and the beginning of warmer seasons. But Fall has got many advantages such as cooler weather and increased rainfall. Also, Fall weather conditions encourage the establishment of tree roots before ground freezes, Winter sets in and hot summer returns.

The expertise of experienced and certified arborists will help you determine suitable tree species that are best planted during Fall. Sesmas Tree Service is a professional tree service company offering reliable tree care and removal services. For consultation, maintenance and best tree practices, we'll send a certified and experienced arborist from Sesmas Tree Service to handle your needs. Contact us today for dependable and excellent tree care services.

Planting your tree in early Fall will strengthen root development and help prevent negative impact on tree health. Besides, below are other reasons for planting your yard trees in Fall.

Strong Root Growth

A tree or shrub's root system requires favorable weather conditions to develop. Compared to Spring and Summer, Fall boasts cooler air and warm soil which are major requirements for the healthy growth of tree and shrubs. A healthy and robust root system encourages the transfer of groundwater and nutrient to other parts of the tree. This is vital for strong root growth especially in the early months of a tree, shrub or other assorted plants' development.

Less Maintenance

Summer temperature and heat can be brutal on your yard's trees. In view of this, you may be required to schedule and maintain a regular tree watering and moisture level check to ensure your trees are growing in the best conditions.

On the other hand, relatively favorable weather conditions in Fall such as increased rainfall, cooler temperatures, and warm soil make tree watering a convenient process; you water less and do so at any time of the day. Also, Fall's suitable weather conditions minimize evaporation and help preserve groundwater levels.

Reduced Sun Damage

Depending on the species of your tree, too much exposure to sunlight in summer can result in yellowish discoloration, loss of leaves, premature decline or permanent damage. But increased rainfall and decreased temperature in Fall help regulate temperature and moisture level for rapid root development.

Suitable For Different Species

Though Fall is generally ideal for tree and shrub planting. Specific trees even benefit more from Fall's favorable weather. For example, maple, alder, hackberry, honey locust, and linden are few examples of the tree species suitable in Fall. These tree species receive specific weather advantage that equips them for the heat and drought seasons ahead.

Professional Tree Care Services

Generally, planting your trees in early Falls helps your tree yard to develop a robust root system; grow at a rapid rate and prepare them for hotter seasons ahead. A tree care professional should help you determine the perfect tree, season and care for your yard trees.

At Sesmas Tree Service, we have a team of certified tree care arborists who are always ready to attend to your tree needs even at a moment's notice. Contact specialists at Sesmas Tree Service today for a tree trimming, consultation, professional help or to learn more about our reliable tree care services.

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