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Is Fall Planting Better for Trees & Shrubs?

17 SEP 2019

Is Fall Planting Better for Trees & Shrubs?

Most people believe that spring is the preferred season to start planting trees and shrubs, for good reason. The generous rains of March, April, and May nurture plants well but there are cons for spring planting as well. Too much rain can make planting difficult especially if drainage is poor and the drastic heat of the summer can be too much for plants to endure. These issues have led people to think about planting in the fall season. At Sesmas Tree Service, we like to look at the whole story. So, here are some of the pros and cons of fall planting for trees and shrubs.

Pros of Spring Planting

Most people consider springtime to be the best time for planting because of the warm weather and steady supply of rain. The plants then get soak up the sun during the long days of summer. Spring planting is also great to have your garden at its best when most people are on break during the summer. Having a healthy and beautiful garden is also helpful during the spring and summer days when home sales are generally highest.

Cons of Spring Planting

Winters have been less and less predictable with chances of snow stretching into the beginning of spring. Overly generous rains also make planting difficult as the soil is drenched, especially if there is poor drainage. This can force you to plant deeper into spring, leaving your baby plants vulnerable in the harsh heat and dryness of the summer.

Pros of Autumn Planting

The days are still relatively long during the beginning of fall and the temperatures are moderate and fairly steady. Further, soil temperatures and moisture levels during fall weather promote rapid root development.

Cons of Autumn Planting

Waiting too long into the fall season can expose your plants to the harsh weather of the winter. Slow to establish species of plants and shrubs are therefore at great risk if planted in the fall. Early October is generally a good deadline to work with. Planting after this date puts your plants at risk. Tree Trimming in Johns Creek

Plant Selection

Is fall planting better for trees and plants? Unfortunately, there is no yes or no answer to this question. It depends on the species that you want to plant and the amount of care that you are able to provide. The timing also depends on your areas climate. Naturally, the winters will be much harsher and more difficult to endure for those planted in northern states while southern states will experience more tolerable weather in the winter and more severe heat and dryness during summertime.

Slow to establish plants are best planted in the springtime. These plants include magnolias, hemlock, sweetgum, tulip trees, willows, and more. Trees better suited for fall planting include buckeye, maple, sycamore, pines, spruces, and more.

Ask the Professionals

If you prefer to have the experts answer your specific questions or concerns, then call the professionals at Sesmas Tree Service. We have almost two decades of experience with affordable prices and skilled arborists.