Tree Service in Johns Creek, GA

Johns Creek residents looking for a reliable, tested, experienced, and professional tree service company are in luck: Sesmas Tree Service now offers tree service in Johns Creek! Sesmas is a local, family-owned business that has been serving the Metro Atlanta area since 2005. With almost fifteen years of lawncare and tree service experience, Sesmas has seen almost everything. When you work with Sesmas, you can rest assured your trees are in good hands. Contact our tree experts at 678-896-8352 to schedule a tree service in Johns Creek, GA and all surrounding areas.

As a thank you to Johns Creek residents for welcoming us to the community, Sesmas is offering FREE consultations and UPFRONT pricing estimates. All it takes is one call so don’t wait!

Tree Services We Provide in Johns Creek

Sesmas Tree Service offers a variety of services in our Johns Creek tree service package. Whether you are concerned about a branch hanging on by a thread or want to beautify your property, Sesmas has a service available for you. The following are some of our common services. Call us directly for a personalized and more in-depth description of our services.

Arborist Services: As an ISA Certified Arborist company, Sesmas offers professional tree care. Arborists are trained in the field of arboriculture and often referred to as “tree surgeons”. Just as doctors understand the anatomy and physiology of humans, arborists understand tree health and structure.

Tree Trimming and Removals: Trees can get out of shape, per se. They can also get sick and die, unfortunately. In the case of diseased trees, Sesmas will do whatever it can to restore the tree’s health. We also provide complete tree removal in Johns Creek when necessary.

Insect, Pest, & Disease Management: As mentioned earlier, trees are prone to disease and infestation. Sesmas offers services to turn your tree from sickly to vibrant. Our staff arborists are trained to identify infestation and diagnose diseases.

Lightning Protection: Larges trees run the risk of being obliterated by lightning. We provide lightning protection systems to minimize damage by lightning strikes. As a storm-prone area, Johns Creek can have many instances of such disasters.

Johns Creek Tree Service

What Are the Benefits of Tree Services?

Trees are amazing lifeforms and fixtures on many properties. While a landscape with well-kept trees can elevate the value of your property, sickly trees and chaotic lawns can turn homebuyers off. A well-maintained lawn can also provide you with stress relief. Messy lawns can stress the eyes while a serviced and organized one can do the exact opposite.

In addition to affecting the aesthetic of your property, poorly managed trees can pose critical threats to your house, car, or pedestrians. A tree branch can grow into utility wires or underground pipes. Large branches that are decayed could come crashing down on roofs or passersby. As the owner of the property which the tree is on, you could be responsible for paying for damages. 

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Tree Services in Johns Creek, GA

As mentioned, trees can pose great risks. In the event of an emergency, Sesmas is your go-to for around-the-clock service. If you noticed a fallen tree or one that is in a dangerous position, call Sesmas as soon as possible to request tree service in Johns Creek area. Why search for a company that provides tree service near me when I can have a company that comes to me with an unbelievable response time? Do not wait – call now! Even if you are uncertain, Sesmas provides free consultations to clear things up.

Tree Service in Johns Creek

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Overall Experience: 5
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This was second time Sesmas has removed trees for us. They respond in a timely manner, professional and courteous employees, very pleased with cleanup and results. Would call them again.

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