Sep 5 2019

Understanding Insurance Benefits and Tree Removal

Fallen trees can institute hazard and pose a huge risk to you and your family. A sudden fall-out of a branch could topple over the roof of your building, shatter your car's windscreen or land on a loved one. All these and other associated damage can cost you thousands of dollars in fixing and repairs.

Therefore, many homeowners ask if their insurance policy will cover all major tree-related hazards; well, it depends on the circumstance. Your home insurance will neither make up for your yard's tree maintenance nor the removal of a dying tree. But in case of structural damage incurred from a storm, causing a branch or the entire tree falling on your property, your insurance should generally foot the bills.

For expert consultation on what your insurance advantages are, don't wait any longer before connecting with professionals at Sesmas Tree Service. We are a tree care service company offering efficient tree removal services to homes and businesses. We also provide tree insurance assistance.

Without further ado, here are some of the importance of understanding your insurance advantage.

The Responsibility of Your Insurance Company

Understanding your role and that of your insurance company will save you some stress, resources, and finance. When a tree in your yard falls on your home or other insured property due to reasons beyond your control, you can file a claim under your insurance for repairs.

Knowing this saves you the headache, resources, and time of carrying out the repairs yourself.

Your Role

If a branch or the entire tree topples over your home or other property because they lack good care, nutrient to support tree's growth or they were diseased. Then, you may have to foot the bills for removing the tree. However, your insurance company should pay to repair your home or other insured property.

In case the cause is outside your control, homeowners' insurance policies typically will cover damage repairs such as tree removal, pruning, tree topping etc.

Your Neighbors Responsibilities

If a tree from your yard falls onto a neighbor's property and causes damage, you're not to be held accountable. Usually, they should file a claim with their insurance company.

On the other hand, it is necessary to take good care of your tree in order to avoid such occurrences. Imagine the tree branch falling on your loved one! The person may sustain a major injury, or in the worst-case scenario, the victim may die.

Get Tree Removal Services and Insurance Assistance

Sesmas Tree Service is a tree care company offering service to homeowners and businesses. After a strong wind, storm, or hurricane sends a whole tree or its branch on your property, do not hesitate to contact us for immediate and necessary action.

When appropriate, we can work with you to get the necessary tree insurance assistance from your insurance company. We can also perform periodic inspection on your yard trees to determine healthy ones and candidates for removal.

Years of active service have enabled us to help clients with different needs, and these customers are always happy and satisfied with the result. Contact us today for emergency tree removal and insurance-related needs.

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