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How to Get Rid of Ground Ivy or Creeping Charlie in My Yard?

29 JUN 2019

How to Get Rid of Ground Ivy or Creeping Charlie in My Yard?

Ground Ivy, also known as Creeping Charlie, is a deceptively attractive weed and member of the mint family that is resilient and rapidly invasive, making it incredibly difficult to control. It is quick to fill empty space with its small, fuzzy, scalloped-edged leaves and blueish violet flowers. These perennial weeds are unbelievably difficult to manage because they establish multiple roots and grow close to the ground, suffocating many plants around it.

We, at Sesmas Tree Service in Lawrenceville, have witnessed our share of Creeping Charlie and can tell you that you better act quick when you see it or you will have a tough battle on your hands later. To help you on your endeavor, we have put together some tips on how to get rid of Ground Ivy in your yard. If you have additional questions or concerns, then please feel free to call Sesmas Tree Service and we can have a certified arborist come out to your property to assist.

Remove Small Amounts of Ground Ivy by Hand

If you are lucky enough to catch Ground Ivy in its beginning stages, then the remedy is fairly easy. If you only see a few plants here and there, then your two hands are more than enough to get to the root of the problem. Pun intended.

Begin with pruning the weed by cutting off loose vines in order to get rid of vines not rooted into the ground and expose only the areas that need to be pulled. Remember to put on some gloves, however, because Ground Ivy can cause skin irritation and itching. Next, grab the plant by the roots and pull it out. Water the area to soften it if the ground is hard and dry. Remember to put the plants in a disposal bag and not leave them lying on the ground. Finally, dig through the soil and ensure that there are no root pieces left behind.

Smother the Creeping Charlie

Ground Ivy thrives in the shade but completely depriving it of sunlight for an extended period of time will kill it. Grab some newspaper, tarp, or cardboard and lay it on the area with the vines. Extend the coverage to 12 inches beyond the weeds to completely block out the sunlight. Weight the cover down to keep it from blowing away. Wait at least a week and check under the cover to see if there are any green spots. When it is shriveled and brown, the Creeping Charlie is ready to be pulled and disposed just as you would with the pulling method.

Bring Out the Herbicide

If the Ground Ivy has extended out far and wide, then the first two options will be unreasonable. Be sure to pick the herbicide with care as many herbicides will kill off anything in its path. Choose a day toward the end of fall when the weed is preparing for winter dormancy. Dont forget to wear gloves, goggles, and protective clothing. Soak the Creeping Charlie while avoiding garden plants to the best of your ability. Let the chemicals absorb for a couple of days. Do not mow for those two days.

Call the Professionals at Sesmas Tree Service

Sesmas Tree Service has years of experience and certified arborists that are trained and equipped to take care of invasive weeds. If you prefer to have an expert handle the problem, then call Sesmas Tree Service today to schedule your appointment.