Jun 29 2019

How to Get Rid of Ground Ivy or Creeping Charlie in My Yard?

Creeping Charlie or ground ivy might look attractive at first glance with small purple flowers in the spring, but it can ruin your beautiful lawn and its extremely difficult to manage.

This weed establishes multiple sets of roots within a few months as it spreads over your lawn to choke and restrict other plants from getting enough nutrients.

If you experience the infestation of creeping Charlie in your garden or lawn and you're looking for ways to permanently control the weed, then, relax and read through this article to get tips suggested by experts at Sesmas Tree Service in Lawrenceville on how to get rid of ground ivy or creeping Charlie in your property.

Prevention is highly recommended

Its better and cheaper to prevent the infestation of this fuzzy, fan-shaped leafy weed than searching for ways to control or kill it. In addition to growing where there is full sunlight, this plant flourishes in nutrient-rich, moist soils and damp, wooded environment.

Therefore, it's good to eradicate those elements that favor the growth of the creeping Charlie and also follow these tips to prevent its development.

Take proper care of your lawn or garden, mow, fertilize and weed frequently

Know how to identify creeping Charlie from other weeds like creeping jenny (Glechoma hederacea) and mallow (Malva neglecta). Ability to identify the creeping Charlie will help you eliminate it as early as possible.

Call in a professional arborist from Sesmas Tree Service for tree pruning and other services.

Some people are deceived by the pronounced aroma of the creeping Charlie or for the fact that it's perceived as a groundcover; it's good that you do everything within your powers to prevent this weed from growing in your garden or lawn.

Use the natural pulling method

Pulling the weeds by hand is a popular way of managing or controlling the growth of the creeping Charlie. However, most people avoid this because of its negative effects on the bare hands. To protect your hand, buy a thick glove from the hardware store.

Alternatively, you can also use rakes to pull out the ground ivy, but you need to ensure that the entire plant, including the roots, is raked out to avoid regrowth.

Use herbicides

The use of chemicals to fight the creeping Charlie is the quickest way to eliminate it. Nonetheless, the use of herbicides should be your last resort in a garden where there are other plants, fruits of veggies. In such a situation, the natural way of hand pulling is preferable.

If you insist on using chemicals or herbicides to eradicate creeping Charlie infestation, then, you need to be selective and also very careful about the product to use.

The noteworthy point is that creepy Charlie is a pesky plant and can survive most types of chemicals, but other plants or vegetables could be affected. So, use herbicides but water the ground to easily pull out the dead weed to avoid it coming right back next season.

Get in contact with professionals

In some instances, the chemical application will not be enough to eradicate this weed but when you work with professionals at Sesmas Tree Service, the roots and anything that concerns this fuzzy, pesky plant can be removed entirely.

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