May 3 2019

Best Way to Fertilize Your Trees

Everyone is proud when the trees in their yard blossom and are very healthy. Members of your household will like to spend quality time under the tree during the summer months as they help shade your home from direct sun rays.

In the winter months, they help keep your home warm by minimizing the amount of cold that enters your house.

Despite the numerous benefits of trees to human and other living organisms, some individuals are not aware that the trees equally need to be cared for. It is a fact that the tree in your home need to be watered when there is low humidity; you need to mulch the tree during spring and fertilize it at intervals so it could steadily have access to nutrients.

So when is the right time to fertilize the trees in your yard to restore their health and enable them to blossom? The tree care specialist at Sesmas Tree Service in Atlanta advice that trees should be fertilized at a time you notice the following signs:

You may begin to wonder why the trees in the forest do not need to be fertilized, but they are always healthy.

This is because the soil in the forest is rich in various types of nutrients that come from the dropping leaves twigs and fallen bark. However, the trees planted in our yard lack basic nutrients because of our goal of keeping our environment clean.

We remove the fallen barks, twigs and leaves for the sake of cleaning up the yard thereby depriving the trees of essential nutrients.

The process of fertilizing a tree:

Tools and materials needed to fertilize the tree:

Step one

Fix the earth auger on the battery drill and make drills that are about 1'-2' wide and probably 6'-8' deep. The holes should be scattered around the trees that is an area underneath the treed.

Step two

Fill up 80% of each hole with the organic fertilizer and the remaining holes should be filled with organic compost

Step three

If the compost is still available, spread it around the tree and educate your household members never to sweep away or clean under the tree.

The slow release organic fertilizer and compost will penetrate and be absorbed by the roots of your tree. This will help the tree to grow, thrive and become healthy. The right season to fertilize trees is from fall to mid spring. Your ability to fertilize the trees in your yard will help overcome mineral deficiencies, root development and disease resistance.

If you do not have the time to fertilize your trees or probably, you see the process as overwhelming, kindly call tree care specialist at Sesmas Tree Service. We have a holistic approach to restoring your plant's health, and we promise you will get prompt and dependable results within the shortest time possible.

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