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Tips For Growing Grass Under A Tree

18 OCT 2022

Tips For Growing Grass Under A Tree

Homeowners ask our tree service professionals how to get more grass to grow under trees. The grass always struggles to grow under a tree, whether it is root growth or canopy shade. Turf grass is not ideal for living in harmony with trees towering above, resulting in increased resource competition. If you have to choose between tree health and uniform turf coverage, it may be time to consult a trusted tree care company. Sesmas Tree Service has a team of knowledgeable arborists ready to help you maintain a lush landscape without compromising the well-being of your trees.

Why Doesn’t Grass Grow Under Trees?

Turf grass and tall trees don’t come from the same natural environment, hence the high competition and deterioration of grass coverage. Turf grass thrives in sunny weather with regular watering. Sod grasses have a root system that forms a heavy thatch that captures nutrients and moisture, reducing competition from other plants and weeds in the area. Turf grass requires shallow soil because its roots are close to the surface.

Trees prefer a forest environment where the ground is covered with fallen leaves and branches. This natural mulch breaks down into compost, creating rich soil layers that sustain growth and stability. The "leaf litter" also prevents the growth of competing plants. If you are not decided whether to trim the canopy, hire a tree care company for a professional and lasting solution.

Turf Grass and Trees

In urban environments, trees and turf grass are artificially united in a single ecosystem, which is not the case in the wild. Self-mulching is not an option in commercial or residential properties, as property owners want clean premises. Turf grass encounters surface roots and shade as it expands to a tree’s root zone, leading to stunted growth.

Even if you coexist turf grass and trees, the competition for resources remains high, and you’ll be required to provide the right fertilizer and enough water for turf grass to thrive. Avoid synthetic fertilizers because they are harmful to trees. Luckily, working with a tree service allows you to find alternatives to this unhealthy competition.

What to Do About Grass Not Growing Under Trees

In an ideal world, trees would live in their natural environment surrounded by a vast area of dense mulch and compost, with minimum competition from other plants. However, similar conditions can be replicated to help trees grow healthy. We recommend routine mulching to regulate soil temperature and moisture, making your trees resistant to temperature fluctuations and prolonged drought.

Although I can't think about a yard without grass, adequate mulching around trees and reducing the amount of turf enhances natural beauty and saves on water. A professional tree service can help you find suitable alternatives if you still prefer ground cover beneath your trees.

We know that trimming the canopy is a good idea and that you should turf grass to prevent damaging trees. Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and schedule an appointment with the leading tree care company. We guarantee exceptional services at pocket-friendly rates.