Oct 19 2019

Natural Repellents for Tree Pests

Pests constitute a nuisance to homeowners because they can quickly deteriorate the health of your beloved tree. Many homes struggle with tree pest infestation today because they have not found the ideal tree care service provider who can find a lasting solution to such tree pest problems. Sesmas Tree Service has been providing the ideal natural tree pest solutions for homes and business premises, we do encourage you to contact us today. The following are some of the most effective natural repellents for tree pests you should know;

Hot and Spicy Pepper

Hot pepper will deter all insects and small animals and you can make a simple spray by mixing 8 ounces of water with 10 drops of citrus essential oil mixed with chilies like Cayenne or Jalapeno. Spray this at the base of a tree trunk to repel pests.

Neem Oil

This is a natural pesticide that repels insects by suffocating them. All you need to do is mix half an ounce of this oil with two quarts of water and apply after mixing to get the best result.

Chrysanthemum Tea

This natural repellent contains a natural substance referred to as Pyrethrum that can be lethal to the nervous system of some pests. Boil 100g of the flower of this herb in 1 liter of oil and drain the water after boiling for 20 minutes before adding the sprain water inside the bottle. Spray at the affected tree to remove the insects.

The Diatomaceous Earth

This natural pest repellant is made from some fossil diatoms and prepared into a powder. All you need to do is to sprinkle some of this natural substance around your yard, and some near the trees infested but make sure you wear gloves. Make sure you cover your nose and mouth during application because it can irritate the lungs when inhaled. It can also irritate sensitive parts around your eyes and nose; hence you must protect yourself adequately.

The Mechanical Motion Sensor and Alarm

If you live in an area where animals such as deer and squirrels are rampant, then you may want to install some mechanical devices such as alarm and motion sensors to deter them. Wild animals can constitute a nuisance to certain trees especially the bark. Prevent physical damages from animals by installing motion sensors and alarms to scare away wild animals.

Get Help from Certified Arborists

Perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective way to deter pests from your trees is to contact professional arborists for dealing with pests affecting your trees. We do offer licensed, and well-equipped arborists who are familiar with pest infestation and other challenges faced by trees whether in the residential yard or commercial premise. You should not delay in dealing with tree pest infestation before taking action. In addition to dealing with a pest infestation, we also provide many other tree treatment services which include; tree pruning, relocation, and cutting and we provide cost-effective services you can rely on. We will inspect the tree needs before giving you quotes before suggesting the ideal way to handle the situation. Call us at Sesmas Tree Service today and we will revive your precious trees.

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