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How Tree Trimming Can Help You Sell Your Home

24 MAY 2023

How Tree Trimming Can Help You Sell Your Home

Are you looking to list your home for sale? Well, there are several things you can do to increase your return on investment, such as tree trimming. While most people usually focus on the building’s exterior and indoor spaces, curb appeal is critical to get the asking price. However, homeowners should hire a professional tree care company to guarantee safety and excellent results.

At Sesmas Tree Service, we leverage innovative equipment and proven strategies to improve your trees’ health and appearance. If you need more convincing on professional landscaping benefits, here are ways hiring a tree service for professional trimming can help you sell your home.

Minimize the Risk of Property Damage

Trees can grow over 30 feet tall, with branches extending nearly half that size. If there’s a tree near your home, it can damage the roof, windows, and other parts. Potential buyers usually inspect before making an offer, and signs of tree damage can reduce the price drastically. Root damage is another common tree-related problem that’s likely to affect your ROI. In case of structural deterioration, tree removal might be the best option. We recommend planting trees safely from structures and utility systems to mitigate future disasters.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Healthy, well-manicured trees reduce the risk of property damage and improve your landscape’s overall aesthetics. Passersby and interested buyers are more likely to visit when your yard is attractive instead of a home surrounded by diseased or dead trees. Even if you regularly mow your lawn and grow flowers, tree trimming provides a clear line of sight from the street, allowing people to appreciate the property more.

Improve Health

The primary goal of routine tree care and maintenance is to ensure optimal health and longevity. As a professional tree service, we provide quality trimming to eliminating infected, infested, dead, or overgrown branches that compromise the tree’s health. Although the problem may not raise concerns, prospective buyers can consider your home a safety risk and pass on the offer. We can assess the condition of your trees and recommend trimming to improve health and clear the canopy for the growth below.

Eliminate Nasty Critters

Trees are home to many creatures, some helpful and others destructive. With that in mind, pests can seek refuge in your yard, causing damage to your trees. Once pests establish a breeding ground, the rest of your trees are unsafe. Look for telltale signs of an infestation, such as dried branches, yellow or discolored leaves, and falling foliage. It is advisable to consult an expert if you notice a problem for a precise diagnosis and an effective solution. To prevent a full-scale infestation, trimming trim affected parts and scheduled follow-up inspections with an arborist.

Call a tree care company to maintain your yard if you want to get the most out of your sale. Schedule a consultation with Sesmas Tree Service and talk to our certified arborists. We understand the value of a home and provide customized services to ensure it exceeds your buyer’s expectations.