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Why Can Overwatering Kill Your Tree Slowly?

28 DEC 2022

Why Can Overwatering Kill Your Tree Slowly?

Overwatering trees can cause damage to the roots of the tree. Too much water causes your roots to stay in oxygen-deprived soils, which can subject them to rot and death. Overwatering the trees will cause some fungus issues, which over time, can kill the trees. At Sesmas Tree Service, we have the expertise and tools to ensure your trees are thriving under the right conditions and care.

The first signs of overwatering the trees can include yellowing, discoloration, and wilting. You can also note stunted growth on these trees. To ensure your trees are healthy and avoid such issues, try as much as possible to learn the water requirements of each tree species. Our tree care company has experts who can advise you on the best way to water your trees. Some of the noticeable problems of too much water on the trees include:

Weakens the Roots of Your Trees

Too much water interferes with the strength of the roots of your trees. Too much water will cut off the supply of oxygen in the soil. Minimal or lack of oxygen in the soil will weaken the tree’s roots and eventually cause the tree’s death. You can speak to our arborists, who will advise how to water your trees and feed them with the best nutrients. Ensure your trees are healthy and thriving by adopting the best care in all seasons and hiring our tree care experts in tree service.

Cause Diseases to the Trees 

Accumulating too much water on the roots will encourage the growth of bacteria and fungi in the trees. The fungal and bacterial growth can lead to diseases that interfere with your tree’s health. The first symptoms of the disease include stunting of the stems, decay of the leaves, and wilting of trees. Constant overwatering and diseases will slowly lead to tree death. If you note some of these tree problems, you can speak to a tree care company in Gainesville that can advise you on the best tree care practices.

Wilting or Drooping of Leaves 

When you overwater your trees, the roots will not have access to oxygen from the soil particles. As time passes, the roots will stop absorbing oxygen and moisture, and eventually, the leaves will wilt or droop. When you note leaves are droopy, your roots cannot absorb the water.

The leaves can also turn brown because of overwatering or under watering. With too little water on your trees, the leaves will look crispy, while the leaves will feel soft with too much water. It is always essential to regulate the amount of water on your plants and trees.  

Overwatering can cause harm to your trees. It is always important to check the water content of your soil before watering. You can invest in a moisture meter to check how much water is in the soil. At Sesmas Tree Service, we can help ensure your trees are healthy by ensuring they have the proper nutrients at all times. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our arborists.