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5 Reasons to Contact a Tree Removal Service

22 FEB 2023

5 Reasons to Contact a Tree Removal Service

Trees are valuable additions to any landscape. However, some instances require property owners to get rid of trees. Whether you are dealing with a hazardous, dead, or potentially risky tree, it is advisable to consult a professional tree care company. Sesmas Tree Service has seasoned arborists and innovative equipment to guarantee top-notch tree removal and maintenance.

If you want to remove a tree on your premises, tackling the project by yourself can be tempting. While this is a proactive and commendable approach, you need proper tools and skills to avoid injuries and property damage, not to mention thousands of dollars on repairs. Here are reasons to contact a tree service.

Safety Hazards

A professional should handle situations where a tree threatens the safety of your loved ones and property. A damaged tree poses potentially dangerous problems, hence the need to address them before things get out of hand. The most common causes of tree damage include age, storms, and diseases. We can assess the problem and recommend the best solution to restore safety without compromising curb appeal. Homeowners should avoid DIY tree removal projects and leave the heavy lifting to an experienced tree care company.

Proximity to Your Home

A tree growing too close to your home may seem like a good thing, especially in the summer when temperatures outside are scorching. Although tree removal may seem unnecessary, you stand to benefit more by getting rid of the tree in the long haul. It prevents potential damage to your home and puts your loved ones out of harm’s way. In addition, a dead tree near your home is an eyesore that attracts unwanted critters, hence the need to have trusted tree service on hand.

Signs of Stress

Like most living things, trees show signs of distress when exposed to harsh conditions. If you notice telltales of deterioration, contact a professional tree care company to inspect and remove the tree if necessary. Most signs are not easily detected, but a certified arborist can identify, diagnose, and address these issues. Look out for dying or dead branches splits in the trunk, fungi growth, or discolored leaves. The sooner we address these problems, the better chances of salvaging the tree.


A lot of work goes into creating the perfect landscape, and tree removal is on the list. Our professionals can recommend pruning some branches or complete tree removal to achieve your desired specifications. Landscaping projects are often rigorous and dangerous, so you should work with a tree removal service. We leverage the right tools and expertise to ensure the project is done efficiently and safely.

Disease or Infection

When a tree’s health is compromised, it poses a danger to your property and your family. A tree service can carefully remove and dispose of the tree to prevent the pests or diseases from spreading to surrounding healthy trees. Some municipalities have regulations on handling pest-infested and diseased trees, which can lead to hefty fines. We can ensure the book does everything, so you don’t have to worry about spreading diseases to other trees in the neighborhood.

Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and schedule a consultation with our professional arborists. We can handle removal without breaking the bank if you have damaged, dying, or dead trees on your property.