May 10 2019

Is it Better to Grind a Stump or Remove?

Perhaps the tree in your property has fallen into place, or you ordered for its removal, in most cases, the stump will remain. Some homeowners will prefer to leave the stump because it involves an additional cost.

However, some factors can make the tree to regenerate, but if it doesn't, the presence of the stump could be hazardous to visitors and other members of your household.

It is better to remove the stump than grinding it because of this many reasons. 

The stump can become a hub for pests

Soon after the tree is cut down, the stump begins a slow decaying process which may attract and eventually harbor pests like termites or carpenter ants. The pests that infested the stump can spread to your house or other trees and plants in your property.

Beetles and other insect species are known to be attracted to decaying stumps, and if there are other trees in your property, they could be attacked and destroyed. Therefore, it is recommended that every stump in your property should be removed by tree care specialists at Sesmas Tree Service.

We will remove the stumps and the roots of the tree, and after that, our technicians will fix up your landscape to look even more beautiful than it was.

The growth of the roots could damage your landscape

Most stumps have living roots that keep spreading horizontally in the ground. If not removed or left unattended to, it could damage your landscape. Additionally, there could be new tree growth from the roots at a wrong location in your premises. The growth of the new tree could jeopardize your primary reason for cutting down the tree, and you might spend more money removing the roots.

Do not allow tree stumps to mare the look of your outdoor space or make it unattractive, call professionals at Sesmas Tree Service to get it removed as soon as possible.

The roots could destroy your plumbing

In its bid to search for water, the spreading roots could damage the underground plumbing pipes in your property.

This will not only cause inconvenience to you and other members of your household, but it will be costly to repair. So, the earlier you remove the stump and roots in your property the better.

The stump could damage your mower

Mowing your lawn could be a hustle if you do not remove the stump because it could destroy it. More so, you cannot wholly mow the lawn effectively when the roots of the tree are still spreading around your lawn.

Removing the stump is the best way to ensure you keep your lawn looking beautiful and attractive. Your mower will also last for a long time when the roots or the stump do not disrupt its movement.

Call Sesmas Tree Service for a professional stump removal

Let us help you to remove the stump in one fell swoop so you could save the other trees and plants from being invested by fungus, insects, grubs and bugs that could migrate from the stump.

We have experienced tree care specialist that will remove the stump and its roots promptly and efficiently. Moreover, you don't need to spend much money because our stump removal service is highly affordable. Call us today to experience the difference.

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