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What Does A Tree Care Company Do?

07 JUN 2022

What Does A Tree Care Company Do?

A tree care company provides a wide range of services that maintain a healthy and lush landscape. While most homeowners opt for DIY care and maintenance of their lawn, nothing beats an experienced and well-equipped arborist. At Sesmas Tree Service, we have a dedicated team of professionals with extensive industry knowledge and experience, guaranteeing nothing but exceptional tree service. If you prefer a hands-on approach to tree care, there are many tasks that you can't complete on your own or without the appropriate equipment. Here are some of the areas we can help you with when taking care of your backyard.

Thinning Foliage

Also referred to as pruning, thinning is a big part of tree care and maintenance. Most people who take on maintenance without proper knowledge risk damaging the trees, leading to a range of issues or tree death. Our team of experts knows what needs to be trimmed without compromising the health and development of the tree. This knowledge has taken years to learn, and a quick online tutorial can't substitute on-the-job training. A professional arborist understands the growth patterns of various tree species, predicts expansion patterns, and determines disease and infection. All these are crucial areas covered during training, guaranteeing quality landscaping services.


It might seem like a stretch calling an arborist to plant for you since it is a practice that seems pretty straightforward. However, we consider a wide range of factors like water access and sun patterns to determine the ideal planting time for a particular tree species. Whether you are starting a garden with a sapling or transplanting a huge deciduous tree, we can ensure that anything that can negatively impact the growth and health of the tree is alleviated. We also possess industry-standard planting equipment that makes the process run smoothly and efficiently. What takes an untrained person a month only takes our experts a few hours.

Stump Removal

If there's a damaged or decaying tree on your lawn, chopping it off is easy. However, if you want a clean slate, you need to deal with the stump and roots, which can be a rigorous process. Regardless of the magnitude of the task, we leverage cutting-edge tools and equipment to ensure that your lawn thrives. A stump grinder can also be used as a less-intrusive solution, saving you from the hefty cost of purchasing one.

Removing Trees

Trees are an excellent addition to your property and offer a wide range of benefits. However, knowing when to remove a tree and which one needs to come out is vital to maintaining a vibrant and healthy landscape. A tall, old tree that has reached the end of its lifespan poses a safety hazard, and that's where we come in as your go-to tree service provider. Our experts take the time to assess the condition of various trees in your backyard before determining which needs to be removed.

These are some of the services you can expect from our team of highly-trained and experienced arborists. We guarantee quality tree services at a competitive market price. Contact us today at Sesmas Tree Service, and schedule an appointment with the experts.