Sep 20 2019

What Causes Girdling Roots?

Girdling roots can be a major source of worry to the health of a tree, for several reasons and that is why you need a reliable tree services provider to help you handle the situation. Sesmas Tree Service has been serving hundreds of households when it comes to dealing with tree girdling roots and other tree-related issues, we are happy to help you too.

Causes of Girdling Roots

Most girdling root problems are caused by the incorrect planting of trees. The girdling roots are produced below the soil surface before cutting into a side of the main trunk. A Girdled trunk, for instance, will lead to a weakened tree, and that can lead to the exposure of the tree to several diseases and eventually a shortened lifespan. Girdling roots are formed when root collars are buried or when a tree grows in the nursery is planted with circling roots. When the root of a tree is pot-bound, it will continue to circle the trunk and eventually lead to a girdling root.

Preventing Girdling Root

Experts have demonstrated that breaking up the pot-bound root balls just before planting the tree will reduce the root girdling formation without any reduction in the health of the plant, especially when it is watered and mulched effectively after planting. You need to keep in mind that roots will only take the path of least resistance when growing, and for this reason, the planting holes must be wide enough for optimal growth. Smaller holes in a container will create some physical barriers to the growth of the root hence you should dig the planting hole as wide as the ball of the root, to encourage a radial growth of the root.

How Sesmas Tree Service Cam Help with Tree Services

If your plant has already developed girdling root, perhaps you should contact the experts in Sesmas Tree Service for tree removal or tree trimming services in your area. There are several options or steps we can take to salvage the plant to reduce the chances of diseases and a reduced lifespan. Though poor horticultural procedures can be avoided with proper planning and preparation, it is important to seek the help of professionals for tree planting. Girdling roots will have to be removed carefully when spotted, and a chisel or saw will be needed for such purpose. If there are several trees with girdled roots around your property then there should be a systematic removal. Please contact us at Sesmas Tree Service for this.

Sesmas Tree Service Offers Guaranteed Tree Services at Affordable Rates

In addition to girdled tree root removal services, Sesmas Tree Service offers a wide range of many other tree-related services you can count on. Tree trimming and pruning, for instance, can help your trees look better, healthier and less susceptible to diseases. We also inspect trees that are already infected by diseases and provide special treatments to cure them and extend their life span. Please give us a call for any tree service you need right now and we will be there to help.

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