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How to Know If Your Trees in Danger of Falling?

26 AUG 2019

How to Know If Your Trees in Danger of Falling?

Trees are as dangerous as they are majestic. They are priceless fixtures that beautify your property, but we cannot forget that they can weigh tons, literally. Unhealthy and precarious trees can threaten your house, structures, vehicle, and even pedestrians, potentially holding you liable for the damages. Therefore, it is crucial that you are aware of the condition of your tree. The certified arborists at Sesmas Tree Service are trained and equipped to detect signs of your tree in danger of falling. Homeowners and businessowners interested in having an expert inspect their property or need tree removal in Atlanta can call Sesmas Tree Service to schedule an appointment today. In the meantime, here are some things you can look into.

Tell-Tale Signs of a Risky Tree

Strong storms can bring down even the healthiest of trees, but some tree conditions put your property at risk even in the absence of winds. Here are some signs that your tree may be at risk of falling over.

  • Dead or Diseased Branches: It is natural for leaves to fall but when branches start falling, then there is something wrong. This is the trees way of saying that it is running low on resources to take care of extremities.
  • Cavity: A hole in the trunk of a tree can form when a tree drops a branch and lead to a decay inside the tree. If there is enough wood around the cavity, however, the tree may be safe.
  • Gash & Deep Cracks: If tree bark is missing, gashed, or indented then you have a point of weakness. That canker is a stress point where the tree can break and fall over.
  • Leaning Trunk: Trees can naturally grow tilted and this can be safe as long as its roots are solid, but trees that are leaning more than 15 degrees due to wind or root damage are hazards. They should be inspected and possibly removed!
  • Rotten Roots: Though it can be difficult to spot rotten roots, you should do your best to look out for this tell-tale sign of an unhealthy tree. Look for mushrooms around the base of the tree or its trunk.

These are only a hand full of signs that point to an unhealthy and risky tree. For an expert analysis, call the professionals at Sesmas Tree Service.

Your Insurance Company Might Not Cover the Damages

Your home insurance company likely covers damage to your insured property that is caused by fallen trees, but your insurance claim could be rejected if it is found that the accident could have been prevented. This means that it is your responsibility to ensure that your trees are healthy and sturdy. Trees that have fallen over due to neglect and disease may end up being your responsibility.

Call the Professionals to Take A Look

Call Sesmas Tree Service to schedule your flexible appointment with a certified arborist for tree care or tree removal services. Regular inspections can protect your loved ones, your property, and your wallet from devastating damages. Give us a call today and ask about our promotional offers.