Tree Trimming in Duluth

If you have been to a prestigious park or neighborhood, then you have probably noticed how the trees are organized, symmetric, and artistically trimmed. Property owners and managers in Duluth who value their property know that trees are treasured and almost irreplaceable fixtures. That is why they get professional pruning and tree trimming in Duluth by the experts at Sesmas Tree Service.

Trees are majestic and complex lifeforms that deserve respect; they are capable of living for hundreds of years without taking a single step. They get their nutrients from the soil via their roots as well as from sunlight by means of their leaves. Trees grow, get sick, develop, heal, and die just like humans do.

Two of Sesmas Tree Service’s most crucial services in landscaping and maintaining trees are tree trimming and tree pruning. Both beautify the tree and use similar tools and techniques, but one targets disease and decay while the other’s objective is mostly aesthetic.

The Difference Between Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

The difference between tree trimming and pruning is actually not large. They both involve the removal of leaves, stems, branches, and other limbs for the benefit of the overall tree and environment. Tree pruning is more focused on removing and treating those limbs that are diseased, decaying, or dying. Tree trimming, on the other hand, is more aesthetically oriented. 

Tree Pruning in Duluth, GA

Tree Trimming Is Like a Haircut for Your Perennial Woody Plants

Our tree trimming in Duluth is for clients who would like to have their bushes, hedges, and trees trimmed up and looking fresh. Our arborists use cutting edge techniques and tools to ensure your landscaping is complete with precision and care. At Sesmas Tree Service, we combine science, business, and art to give you an end product that exceeds industry standards.

As property values continue to rise, more and more property owners are looking for ways to give their land an extra boost. Tree trimming in Duluth is one way to improve the value of your property. Hint: A symmetric and attractive landscape is sure to draw eyes toward any for sale sign you may have! Call Sesmas today to hear about how our professional services have helped house values around you!

Tree Pruning Is Like a Visit by The Tree Surgeon

Arborists, otherwise known as tree surgeons, are professionals in the field of arboriculture. They understand and care for trees just as a veterinarian would do for animals. Our arborists at Sesmas Tree Service have over a decade of combined experience and are expected to be on the cutting edge of procedures, techniques, and research in the field. All of this is to ensure that your tree receives the best quality care possible.

If you are a Duluth resident and have been searching for tree pruning service near me, then you have found your place! Sesmas Tree Services is your number one Duluth tree trimming and tree pruning expert. Our certified professionals, proven procedures, advanced equipment, and caring staff combine to give you less headache and more beautiful scenery to look at.

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