Feb 1 2019

What to Do After Touching Poison Ivy?

The presence of a poison Ivy in your yard is something you should detest. Touching the poison Ivy can cause a rash which is caused by the oil in the root, stems, and leaves of the plant, and the oil is referred to as Urushiol. The initial rash caused by this oil on the skin may show up only after 12 or 72 hours, similarly, your body may react to the oil if it is present in clothing, toys, shoes and some tools that might come in contact with the oil. Your dog may also develop an allergic reaction to the oil if it is picked in its pores. The good news is that you can take some actions when you have discovered that you have touched Poison Ivy, or you can simply contact Sesmas Tree Service.

What to do when you touch Poison Ivy

Perhaps the first step you should take is to rinse the affected part of the skin with cold water, do not make use of warm water because it will open the pores and the oil may go in deeper into the skin. Warm water can also help the oil spread across the surface of the skin. Wash the affected skin against with soap and rinse it thoroughly with cool water again. You can avoid the allergic rash reaction if you can wash off the oil under 10 minutes. Once the area has dried off, simply dab a little rubbing alcohol across the affected skin part to reduce the mildness (if the rash has appeared).

Once the Poison Ivy rash has developed on the skin, you must avoid scratching, rather keep it dry and clean. Scratching the skin will make it worse. Make sure you do not allow hot or warm water on the rash for some days and you can gently law a cool washrag on the surface of the skin. To reduce the effect of the itching. You can get a bowl of lukewarm water and inside mix in cornstarch or colloidal oatmeal and mix very well before applying the mix to the affected skin, especially if the rash is very large. If the itching is too comfortable and even keep you up at night, you can apply an anti-histamine cream such as Hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion. In some cases, you can ask your doctor for steroid pills or cream or the ointment used for poison Ivy rash treatment.

Contact Sesmas Tree Service for poison Ivy removal

If you are in contact with Poison Ivy for the first time, the effect can be extremely painful. If you discover swelling on the skin after you got in contact with Poison Ivy, then you should make use of these tips to alleviate the pains but make sure you contact Sesmas Tree Service for the safe removal of the Poison Ivy. We specialize in all kinds of tree removal services and that includes choosing the right planting location, tree cutting, and tree pest and disease treatment. Call us now!

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