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How to Plant Trees in Your Landscape for Extra Shade

01 SEP 2022

How to Plant Trees in Your Landscape for Extra Shade

Trees are a valuable addition to any landscape and offer numerous benefits. One reason why many homeowners plant trees in their backyard are for shade, especially during the summer. However, to ensure you enhance the efficiency of your home, Sesmas Tree Service can help you choose the right tree and a strategic area where your tree will thrive. In addition, many rely on their air conditioning system to improve the comfort of their indoor spaces, which comes with a hefty utility bill.

Suppose you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to reduce energy costs while maintaining a conducive indoor climate. In that case, it may be time you considered scheduling an appointment with a tree care company. Our arborists can comprehensively inspect your landscape to determine if the soil can support growth and the type of trees suited for your property. Here are some things you should know before planting trees in your backyard for shade.

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees are the preferred choice for optimal shade and efficiency throughout the year over coniferous trees. Although coniferous and deciduous trees shed their leaves, many homeowners tend to go for coniferous trees because they shed needles less frequently. Deciduous trees shed their leaves annually, which is not the case for coniferous trees. However, deciduous trees offer fuller and more complete foliage than the needles produced by coniferous trees. A professional tree service can recommend the best deciduous trees for your landscape and strategic planting areas for maximum shade.

Plant Trees on the West Side

Once you have selected the trees to plant on your property, arborists usually prefer planting on the west side of your premises to create the ultimate summertime shade. While there are several factors to consider to determine sun angles, such as time of year, region, and many others – many homes across the United States are exposed to the summer sun on the west side. Working with a tree service provider goes a long way in ensuring trees are strategically planted to enhance efficiency throughout the premises.

Plant Shrubs Around Air Conditioner

Trees are ideal for casting shade on your home, but when it comes to the air conditioning unit, you need to plant shrubs around the system. This can enhance the air conditioning system's efficiency by 10%, as it helps the unit cool during the hot summer months. You can significantly reduce your cooling expenses by planting shrubs around the unit and deciduous trees on the west side.

Maintain Trees and Shrubs

Regardless of the type of trees and shrubs you grow, routine maintenance is vital to ensure they thrive without compromising the efficiency of your home. A professional tree care company has extensive industry knowledge and experience in tree care and maintenance, helping you make informed decisions when choosing trees and shrubs to plant for shade.

We leverage cutting-edge tools and equipment to improve the quality of the planting process, ensuring they are strategically placed for optimal shade. Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and schedule a consultation with our expert arborists to learn more about our services.