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Dos and Don’ts of Tree Care

22 JUL 2021

Dos and Don’ts of Tree Care

Trees grow fine on their own in the wild, but if you want a kempt and tidy property, then tree care is a must. The folks here at Sesmas Tree Service understand the importance as well as the science of tree care, and we are happy to share some tips with our community. Not only will go over some things you should do, but also what you should not do when it comes to tree care. If you have specific questions or concerns, or if you want to hire an ISA-certified arborist, then call Sesmas Tree Service to get in touch with a friendly representative.

The Dos of Tree Care

Let’s start with some things you should do if you want your trees to be in their best shape:

  • Do Choose Trees Appropriately:

Not every tree is going to thrive in the Atlanta area. Choose your tree with your local climate and property in mind. For example, if your property is small, then you do not want to plant a live oak which can grow up to 80 feet tall.

  •  Do Keep Your Trees from Getting Close to Power Lines:

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the previous tip. If you have power lines near your property, then you want to make sure your trees are a safe distance away. Plant accordingly. If already planted, then stay on top of trimming.

  •  Do Prune Your Trees:

Speaking of trimming, you should not forget to prune your trees. Removing damaged, diseased, dying, and harmful limbs will improve the health of your tree and give it an attractive shape.

  •  Do Keep Your Eye Out for Pests, Diseases, and Threats:

We recommend you do your research on the common threats to your tree. For instance, pine beetles attack pine trees and emerald ash borers are a serious threat to ash species. Understanding these threats and their symptoms is the first step in keeping your tree safe from them.

The Don’ts of Tree Care

Knowing what NOT to do is just as important as knowing what TO do. Here are some things to shy away from:

  • Do NOT Plant Trees Too Close Together:

Trees need a healthy amount of space to grow and stretch out their roots. If you want to plant multiple trees, then make sure they are planted a healthy distance apart.

  • Do NOT Trim Trees Too Often:

Too much of anything is a bad thing, and this applies to tree trimming as well. Removing too many branches or trimming them too often will hinder the tree’s development.

  • Do NOT Try to Remove A Large Tree on Your Own:

A DIY tree removal is an incredibly risky project. Countless property owners are injured every year by accidents involving chainsaws, ladders, and other tree removal equipment.

DO Call Sesmas Tree Service for Professional Tree Care

The ISA-certified arborists at Sesmas Tree Service know a great deal about tree care in Georgia. If you want to ensure the health of your trees and the safety of your household, then leave the tree service to the folks at Sesmas Tree Service. We are ready to provide a consultation today.