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Why is My EverGreen Tree Turning Brown?

20 FEB 2019

Why is My EverGreen Tree Turning Brown?

Its in the name evergreens are meant to stay green year-round. But these beautiful trees dont always stay lively and green. Life cycle stages, various diseases, and events can alter the appearance of your evergreens. If you have noticed that your evergreen is looking less and less evergreen, then it is time to investigate and might be time to call an ISA-certified arborist.

Sesmas Tree Service has plenty of experience, expertise, and experts to return your evergreen to its days of glory. However, we also want to share our knowledge and hope that you can turn things around on your own. If you prefer to consult with an ISA-certified arborist or hire an expert, then call Sesmas Tree Service. We are always happy to help.


The wintertime is extra tough on trees. Dry winters are especially difficult for evergreens. Factor in clear skies and sunny weather and you have sunscald. Needles that are already lacking water will turn uniformly brown in direct sunlight.

An anti-desiccant spray can help with the dryness. This waxy coating shields plants and trees from moisture loss. You will want to read the instructions before using the product. In short, however, you should wait until temperatures drop below 50 degrees and make sure there is no rain expected in the 24 hours after treatment.

You can also preserve moisture in the root system by thoroughly watering the tree and topping the roots with mulch. Mulch can also protect your evergreens roots from animals chewing on them.


If the browning of the evergreens needles does not start from the parts exposed to sunlight but instead beings in a small area, then you might want to pay attention to infections. Catching the infection early on will give you a chance to prevent it from spreading by pruning the infected part away.

A common disease that affects evergreens is root rot. This is a fungus that flourishes in damp soil. You can prevent the progression of root rot by removing damp soil away from the roots and allowing them to dry. A sign of root rot is brown, wilted needles and sores running up along the root system of the evergreen.

Rust is another problem for evergreens. This fungal disease causes powdery spores on the needles. You can stop the spread of this fungal disease by pruning inflicted needles and limbs. Our professionals at Sesmas Tree Service can help with this service.

Get Professional Tree Care

Sesmas Tree Service always promotes prevention and routine maintenance over reactive steps like cures. Still, we provide both services. Take preventative steps and regularly take care of the tree to see less browning. Our arborists can treat your trees with the appropriate products, provide them with sufficient nutrients, and prune away vulnerable limbs.

We can also evaluate damaged and diseased trees to determine the best steps to take going forward. Call Sesmas Tree Service now to consult with an ISA-certified arborist for any type of tree removal and tree care services in Atlanta. We are always happy to help.