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How to Get Rid of Ant Tree Infestation

03 OCT 2019

How to Get Rid of Ant Tree Infestation

The summer and spring seasons are usually the time for lots of cookouts and other activities, but the high humidity and dryness can also increase the chances of ant infestation and mosquito breeding. With ant infestation, enjoying your summer can be hell. Ants are not only dangerous to adults, but they can also be a treat to children, and pets. Fortunately, Sesmas Tree Service has a solution to ant tree infestation for your home.

Why are Ant Infestations Dangerous?

Though there is a wide range of ants and anyone who gets bitten by any will know that they hurt. If adults find it difficult to deal with ants, one should imagine how kids will deal with it. Ant species such as the carpenter ants prefer to live in woods, and they dig tunnels that can be hardly seen under the surface and this will eventually weaken the wood. This is the reason why you should pay attention to weaken trees. Ants that reside in trees often deposit the wood they eat outside of the trees they live in the form of hills and some damages are very hard to notice.

Getting Rid of Ant Tree Infestation

One of the quickest ways to stop ant tree infestation is to kill the Queen ant which is the largest and with wings. Though it may be difficult to spot the queen because she is not always visible but it is the queen ant that repopulates the colony by laying all eggs. Once the queen ant is killed the population will slowly die out. The queen ant is located at the bottom of the colony but you need to help of a professional tree infestation service provider to get rid of such a colony.

Get Rid of Ant Colony by Blocking the Routes of the Ant Workers

The worker ants often leave some scent behind them when they are moving out of ant house so that they can trace their way back once they have gathered food into the ant house. Once you can block the trail of the ants, you should be able to get rid of the ant. You should be able to block the ant house with rock and the anthill will slowly die out.

Sesmas Tree Service Offers Reliable and Durable Ant Tree Infestation

Ant infestation should not be tolerated because it can kill the tree in your home. The ant-damaged tree can become very weak, and may fall on your home or car causing serious damages that can be very expensive to repair. If you are worried that the tree in your yard has suffered ant damage, please contact us and we will send our professional arborists to examine it and provide proper treatment services. We will provide you with a free quote for our service and we will also advise you on the necessary steps to take to prevent the re-occurrence of ant damage. Give us a call today at Sesmas Tree Service and we will be there to help you deal with ant infestation of your trees for peace of mind.