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Help Your Trees Survive the Drought

22 JUN 2022

Help Your Trees Survive the Drought

Drought conditions stress trees and shrubs, impacting their growth and development. In extremely dry weather, leaves dry up and drop, leaving the tree susceptible to disease and insect attacks. Over time, if the water is not replenished, the entire tree may dry out or die. An effective solution to preventing deterioration due to moisture stress is hiring a reputable tree company for routine maintenance. Sesmas Tree Service has a team of an arborist with extensive tree care experience and expertise, ensuring your trees and shrubs survive when drought hits. Here are some recommendations to ensure your trees remain in tip-top condition.

Proper Irrigation During Dry Weather

Roots are tasked with taking nutrients and water from the top-rich soil, limiting root growth to about six inches beneath ground level. However, some plants are more adapted to drought conditions and grow deeper roots to reach moisture deep beneath the ground. With this in mind, it is important to ensure irrigation is properly done depending on the tree species on your property and current weather conditions.

Watering daily or regularly may be good for turf, but it puts the roots at risk of damage. We recommend rinsing shallow-rooted tree species and shrubs once a week and ensuring the sprinkler runs long enough to moisten the soil to a depth of six or more inches. If you have plants adapted to drought, irrigation should be done every two to four weeks.

Mulch to Conserve Soil Moisture

Organic mulch applied to a thickness of two to four layers goes a long way in preserving soil moisture. This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to ease the damaging effects of drought on plants. Over time, organic mulch decomposes, adding nutrients to the soil, which promotes the soil's moisture retention and root development. If a section of your yard is mulched, the competition for nutrients and water reduces. A tree care company can provide guidelines to apply mulch without compromising the well-being of trees.

Determine Soil Nutrient Needs

Most homeowners tend to take on tree maintenance independently, resulting in rookie mistakes like applying fertilizer without testing the soil. Our tree care experts take the time to test the soil in your backyard to determine which nutrients are deficient and helpful in overcoming drought damage. Soil testing also helps us prevent potential insect infestations and disease attacks that occur during drought. Sesmas Tree Service can collect soil samples from different locations on your property and apply slow-release fertilizer when drought conditions are not too severe.

Manage Insects and Disease

Diseases and insect infestations weaken trees by damaging roots, leaves, stems, and branches. This deters the tree's ability to absorb and move nutrients and water, worsening the impact of drought on plants. Signs of disease or insect attack usually go undetected, but a certified arborist can conduct a thorough check and apply the right treatments before the situation gets out of hand.

Drought has become more common, affecting many tree and shrub species. Sesmas Tree Service provides targeted preventive measures to lessen the impact of drought on your landscape. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with leading tree care company experts.