Mar 16 2019

Facts About Trees

Apart from providing shade and beautifying our landscape, there are no doubt trees play important roles in our lives. That is why the relationship between man and the surrounding plants is mutually beneficial.

Nonetheless, some individuals are not comfortable having trees in their environment because they consider keeping them healthy might be stressful because trees need to be watered or taking care of regularly.

But as a matter of fact, there is nothing good that comes easily; the benefits of having trees in your premises far outweigh the disadvantages.

If there are trees around your property and you do not have the time to prune or take care of them, you can call tree care specialist from Sesmas Tree Service.

Our services are affordable, and we will ensure that the trees in your property will continue to bloom to keep making you proud.

Some benefits and facts about trees:

Environmental benefits of trees

Trees have been found to absorb CO2 thereby removing them from the atmosphere, and in the same process, the trees release oxygen back to the air. Trees are very critical in our fight to minimize the effects of gases to climate change.

Additionally, trees are good in trapping dangerous particles from the air as well as absorb odors and pollutant gases like sulfur dioxide, ammonia nitrogen oxide, etc.

Neighborhoods or premises that have adequate tree coverage tend to be cooler than metropolis with a minimal number of trees due to infrastructural development. This goes to prove that trees help us to conserve energy. The energy demand in premises that have well-placed trees can be significantly lower, and they are even beneficial to us during winter because deciduous trees help to warm the environment.

Economic benefits

Having mature, healthy trees on your landscape will definitely increase its value. Most realtors will recommend homes with healthy trees to their clients perhaps giving the property with trees leverage in the marketplace.

Healthy, green and blossoming trees can increase the value of your property for up to 13%.

Relaxing under a tree after a hectic day in the office can help in stress reduction in addition to improving the bounding of family members.

Some essential facts about the tree that makes them irresistible to homeowners

When it comes to protecting your property from large windbreaks, planting evergreen trees on the north side has been found to play a significant role.

Your need for air-conditioning can be decreased when the trees are properly positioned in your property. This can significantly impact your overall energy consumption as well as help you save more money.

Trees are the main raw material used in the paper industry, and they are also used in the construction industry as wood timber frames.

Planting trees are the most effective way of air cleansing

Are you amazed by all the facts about trees? Then, it's time for you to start growing trees in your property. If the ones in your premises are not pruned or manicured, call arborists at Sesmas Tree Service to take care of the trees so they will blossom and add more value to the environment and your property.

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