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Facts About Trees

16 MAR 2019

Interesting Facts About Trees

We all know that trees absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. We know they love water and sunlight. But there is a lot of interesting facts about trees that most people might not be aware of. At Sesmas Tree Service in Atlanta, we are fascinated by trees and decided to share some interesting facts about trees that you can share with your friends and family. If your trees are looking unhealthy and making you scratch your head, then feel free to call Sesmas Tree Service to have an ISA-certified arborist take a look.

Trees Do Not Die of Old Age

Trees are the longest living organisms on Earth with some species averaging ages of a few thousand years. But trees do not die of old age. In the right conditions, a tree can hypothetically live forever. Instead, trees die of disease, damage, and malnutrition. In fact, this is true for humans as well people do not technically die of old age, old-aged individuals usually die because of some sort of organ failure.

Trees Save You Money

Trees can make you live better. We are not just talking about the fresh oxygen. We are talking about cash savings! Strategically placed trees and shrubs can save you up to 30 percent on your energy bills by providing much appreciated shade. Well-groomed and organized trees are also estimated to increase the value of real estate by up to about 10 percent.

Trees Communicate

Trees have relationships with surrounding plant life. What good is a relationship without good communication? Trees have mycorrhizal fungi that live on their roots. These fungi link each tree to others nearby and form a huge network. Researchers have found that trees can actually communicate via this network.

Trees can also communicate with enemies of their enemies. They can produce chemicals that attract predators and parasites that kill the pests. These chemicals also send airborne signals to nearby trees, warning them to prepare for insect attacks.

Most Tree Species Exist Only in A Single Country

There are over 60,000 species of trees but over half of them are single country residents. These are trees that naturally exist in a single specific country. Brazil, Colombia, and Indonesia have the largest totals of tree species specific to the respective country. Meanwhile, pine trees are found on six of the seven countries.

Different Parts of the Tree Grow at Different Times

The parts of a tree do not grow together. Foliage growth generally happens during the spring, trunk growth takes place during the summer, and roots develop in the fall and winter.

Trees Improve Water Quality

If dogs are mans best friend, then trees are mans guardian angel. In addition to providing fresh air to breathe, trees slow and filter rainwater. They also protect aquifers and watersheds.

Who To Call When Your Trees Need Help

If you are having issues with your trees and cannot figure out what is going on or how to fix it, then call Sesmas Tree Service to speak with a friendly representative and schedule a flexible appointment. We are always delighted to help bring your trees back to full health.