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Don`t Use Climbing Spikes When Pruning Trees

07 MAR 2019

Don`t Use Climbing Spikes When Pruning Trees

Climbing spikes are great if you are walking on ice or climbing a mountain, but they should not be used when tree pruning, trimming, or caring for trees. Piercing the trees trunk and tissues with steel spikes on the bottom of those shoes is counterproductive. At Sesmas Tree Service, we strictly advise against using climbing spikes unless, perhaps, the tree is dead and will be removed. If the arborist or tree care specialist you hired is using these climbing spikes, then be sure to ask them if they are aware of the consequences. The ISA-certified arborists at Sesmas Tree Service are always careful to minimize damage to trees. Call us now to schedule your flexible tree service appointment.

The Threats Climbing Spikes Pose

Climbing spikes are sharpened steel spikes attached to boots or legs with straps. These spikes are reasonable if you are climbing ice or mountains, but they can traumatize and damage trees. Luckily, trees have methods of healing themselves; you can notice a trees response to the damage by watching for sap oozing from wounds. Though isolated wounds can seal, large groupings of spike holes can overwhelm the tree and cause irreparable tree tissue death.

When Are Climbing Spikes Appropriate?

Dont panic every time you see an arborist pull out climbing spikes. There are a few instances in which using climbing spikes is appropriate:

  • When the tree is going to be removed anyway.
  • When there are no branches lower than 50 feet and there is no access to an aerial lift or crane. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  • If there are power lines obstructing aerial lift or crane paths.
  • In emergency situations, such as reaching an injured climber.

Professional tree care companies such as Sesmas Tree Service are aware of the damage that climbing spikes can cause. They are also aware of the exceptions and how to use climbing spikes appropriately. Call Sesmas Tree Service if your tree care requires serious work. Our experts are always ready to help.

What to Look for In A Tree Care Company

Your trees are valuable fixtures on your property that add aesthetic and functional value. They can increase the value of your property by up to an estimate 10 percent. It is therefore important that you keep them healthy. When searching for a tree care company, look for the following:

  • References: The company can boast about itself all it wants. You should listen to what previous customers say.
  • Insurance: You can be held responsible for damage caused by a tree on your property. Be sure to check for the tree care companys insurance.
  • Reputation: Look around to see what organizations the company is associated with. Do they have legitimate certifications?
  • Contract: Be wary of companies that insist on verbal contracts. Get a signed contract that defines costs, dates, and the precise work to be done.

Choose Sesmas Tree Service

Sesmas Tree Service is an insured tree care company with over 15 years of experience. We are dedicated to honest and integrity. Give us a call today to speak with a live representative or consult with an ISA-certified arborist. We are always happy to help.