Mar 7 2019

Don’t Use Climbing Spikes When Pruning Trees

Trees beautify our landscape and are beneficial to the environment through the absorption of CO2 while releasing oxygen back to the atmosphere. Apart from their aesthetic contribution, they minimize air pollution and reduce the impact of flood and storm water to protect the soil.

However, the trees in your property need to be taken care of so they could continue to blossom and don't become a nuisance. But some tree care providers still adopt the old and outdated use of climbing spikes when tree pruning.

At Sesmas Tree Service, we use standard methods and up-to-date equipment like ropes and climbing harnesses when trimming and maintaining trees to ensure that no part of the tree is damaged. We understand that using climbing spikes could permanently disfigure or damage your trees.

Call our experienced arborists or tree care specialist whenever you want to prune or maintain the trees in your property.

What are climbing spikes?

Climbing spikes are sharpened steel spikes used by tree workers to get a solid foothold on taller trees while trimming their branches. It is attached to the climbers' legs by leather straps and padded supports.

Back in the days, this climbing equipment was popular, but arborists realized that it traumatizes the tree, punctures its bark, and cuts the living tree cambium or tissues.

Disadvantages of using the climbing spikes:

The climbing spikes create open wounds on the trunks of the trees which brings out oozing saps that could attract decay-causing fungi and wood boring beetles. This could result in common diseases like:

The bacterial blight

Trees that were trimmed by climbing spikes could be infected by the bacterial blight because the bacteria could be spread by tree trimming tools. It causes brown leaf spots and could also be spread by wind, rain or insects.

Fire blight

This is another bacterial infection that could be spread by pruning tools like the climbing spikes, insects and wind. It causes leaves to change color to brown or black and affects the vascular system of the tree.

Canker causing pathogens can also contribute to the permanent destruction of the barks of the tree in addition to reducing vitality and stored energy when the wounds from climbing spikes are numerous.

However, climbing spikes can only be used in the following situations:

Sesmas Tree Service use proper pruning techniques

Our experienced arborists use a combination of aerial lifts, cranes, safety harnesses and system of ropes for pruning and maintenance of your trees.

Our pruning techniques coupled with our training and years of experience remains the key differentiating factor when it comes to the delivery of unique customer experience. Additionally, our operating procedure will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the job will be done correctly.

We are on call 24/7 to help homeowners prune any trees that become a nuisance in your property. We will keep your property and family protected in case of an emergency tree failure and inherent problems.

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