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Is Tree Fungus Harmful to Trees?

03 MAY 2023

Is Tree Fungus Harmful to Trees?

Trees add beauty to any landscape and improve the overall quality of life. Whether you want a relaxed atmosphere in the summer or to enhance curb appeal and property value, planting trees is a step in the right direction. However, trees are susceptible to fungus, which causes severe harm if left untreated. Many people don’t notice telltale signs of infection until it is too late, so it’s advisable to schedule routine inspections with a professional tree care company.

Sesmas Tree Service has certified arborists specializing in treating and preventing tree diseases. We leverage extensive industry knowledge and experience to identify the slightest sign of infection, such as discolored bark, wilting foliage, and tree size or shape changes. Before attempting a DIY solution for fungal infections, consult a reputable tree service to ensure it is safe and effective. The last thing you want is to cause further deterioration or, worse, tree death.

How Do Trees Get Fungus?

Did you know fungus thrives in wet conditions? This means too much moisture in the soil increases the risk of fungal infections. In addition, delaying tree care and maintenance weakens and overwhelms the tree, increasing susceptibility to fungal infections. Various environmental factors, such as climate and soil type, cause fungi. Let’s look at common types of tree fungus to look for.

Powdery Mildew

This is a common tree fungus that causes weakness and deterioration. Inspect your trees regularly for a white powder on the leaves, and a certified tree service provider should address any sign of infection. Powdery mildew affects trees in humid and warm conditions and attacks trees like magnolias, lilacs, and crabapples.

Leaf Spot

Leaf spot is a fungus that damages and disfigures leaves, affecting the tree’s overall health and well-being. Like most fungal infections, it is caused by excessive humidity or moisture. The common telltale signs of leaf spots include brown blemishes on the foliage, especially on trees like maples, oaks, and elms. If you notice signs of infection, call a tree care company quickly before the damage becomes more pronounced.

Verticillium Wilt

The Verticillium fungus infects the tree’s vascular system, preventing nutrients and water from reaching the leaves. If you notice yellowing or premature falling of leaves, chances are your trees are infected. These signs can be detected in birch, maple, and ash trees, but it is not limited to these species. The most effective way to prevent Verticillium wilt is scheduling regular maintenance with a reputable tree care company.

Preventing Tree Fungus

"Prevention is better than cure!" Keeping your trees healthy throughout the year goes a long way in preventing infection. The recommended preventive measures include regular pruning and adequate watering. In addition, homeowners should avoid planting trees near water bodies or areas that are constantly damp or wet. If a tree in the backyard is infected, treat it immediately by hiring a professional tree service provider.

Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service to schedule a consultation with our certified arborists. We leverage extensive industry experience and knowledge to help you maintain healthy and safe trees.