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Best Trees to Plant in Atlanta

12 JUL 2019

Best Trees to Plant in Atlanta

Trees are wonderful fixtures for any yard but choosing the right tree takes some due diligence. Also, Sesmas Tree Service in Atlanta will be the first to tell you that some trees require more maintenance than others. Planting a tree is not just a matter of tossing a seed into the ground and watering it. Before choosing a tree to plant, consider the qualities that you are looking for and be sure to have a solid understanding of your property. Trees can grow to be exceptionally tall and its roots will be similarly long. If you would prefer to speak with a professional about this matter, call the experts at Sesmas Tree Service.

Trees to Grow in Atlanta For Shade

With the summertime comes its heat and sunshine. Trees can provide much needed shade to shelter you from the scorching heat of the sun and even protect plants that are sensitive to high temperatures. Here are some trees to grow for shade:

  • Southern Live Oak: For those with a large yard, a southern live oak will be enough to capture a large area up to 160 feet in diameter. The state tree is known for its strength and its connection to Georgias history.
  • Princeton Elm: Do you need some shade quick? The Princeton elm grows fast and its large leaves provide shade in the summer and turn yellow and gold during the fall.
  • Tupelo: If your property is low-lying and has overly wet soil then a tupelo might be a great choice to provide you with shade and slurp up some of that excess moisture.

Trees for The Aesthetic

Who does not want a beautiful yard full of color and aroma? If you are looking to brighten up your yard with blossoms, then some of these trees can help:

  • Magnolia: The magnolia tree is a renowned symbol of the south. Its glossy foliage and sweet blooms will impress the eyes and the nose.
  • White Dogwood: The white dogwood does well with the shade of a larger tree granted it grows as high as 25 feet tall itself. This tree is an excellent landscape choice for all seasons with its white flowers showing in the spring and its leaves turning red purple in the fall.
  • Crape Myrtle: Another staple of the south, the crape myrtle produces dense and gorgeous blooms that can be red, white, or pink. They are drought resistant but will drop its beautiful blooms come fall.

Fruit Trees to Plant in Atlanta

What better way to enjoy the fruits of your labor than by planting a fruit tree? Fruit trees provide shade, beauty, and nutrition. Here are a couple of fruit trees that you can plant in your garden:

  • Peach Trees: Surely you guessed this one. Georgia is not called the peach state for nothing.
  • Pear Trees: You might be surprised to learn that pear trees are almost as common as peach trees in Atlanta though the climate only accommodates oriental and Asian pears.

If you ever need help planting, maintaining, or caring for your trees, be sure to call the experts at Sesmas Tree Service. Our certified arborists have years of experience and put customer experience first.