Jul 4 2019

Preparing Your Trees for Summer Storms

Summer is renowned for holidays and a period to strengthen family and friendship ties. However, it is also a time when scattered storms, strong winds and flash flooding is rampant. So, homeowners should not wait until a storm is in the forecast before preparing their trees and foliage against the forces of nature.

During strong winds or scattered showers in the summer, cars parked under trees may be destroyed by loose branches and parts of your property could experience expensive storm damage. In some instances, trees are uprooted, and the safety of your family members cannot be guaranteed.

However, with the right tree care by professional arborists from Sesmas Tree Service, you can avoid the detrimental effects of a summer storm on your trees, and curb appeal of your home.

Here are some of the tips that will help prepare and strengthen your trees for the anticipated summer storms. 

Consult a tree care specialist for inspection

Though you can activate the DIY bug for tree inspection, there are so many things you will miss. As an inexperienced person in things that concerns trees and foliage, you can access your tree as healthy, but a trained arborist will identify the immediate and potential problems your tree may encounter.

When you call a trained arborist at Sesmas Tree Service, he will access the branches, including the V-shaped forks. The experts will use our exclusive methods to identify cracks in the trunk of the tree or major limbs. You will be surprised how decayed areas, dead wood and hollows will be identified.

Call us today for tree inspection and our experts will identify bad health signs in your tree and proffer lasting solution.

Embark on preventative pruning

Prune to remove dead or dying branches that could break off and possibly render damages to your car or parts of your building during summer storms. That is why we recommend, regular preventative pruning that will help thin out the canopy of your trees so it could withstand the pressure during storm conditions.

There are safety considerations during pruning and if you do not have the experience and techniques, its then a good idea to call arborists at Sesmas Tree Service.


Some trees are uprooted during strong winds, and this occurs because the root system of those trees is weak. Mulching will help stormproof your tree by retaining water and nutrients. So, surround the bottom of your tree with mulch to help it resist the effects of dangerous weather.

Remove items from under the tree

Be up to date with the weather forecast and remove all items that are beneath the canopy of your trees. Things like vehicles, motorcycles and other fragile and important items should be removed once the storm is approaching.

Heavy winds can carry branches of trees and could cause destruction around the neighborhood. You can have a look at your neighbor's trees to identify dead branches before the arrival of summer storms. Talk to the person (your neighbor) and hint him/her of the consequences of allowing dead branches on trees. It's certain he will oblige, and everyone will be safe.

Lastly, after the storm, try and examine the tree and your landscape. If there are signs of weakness in the tree, call arborists to provide a lasting solution.

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