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Trees That Can Survive Flooding

03 AUG 2019

Trees That Can Survive Flooding

It is no secret that trees need water to survive but too much of anything can be harmful. Further, trees need more than just water to grow. Believe it or not, trees do not create oxygen for only animals and humans. Plants and trees require air in order to function just as we do. Flooding fills airspace with water, causing roots to experience anaerobic conditions and struggle to breathe. This can lead to damage to the trees. If you live in areas that are susceptible to floods and storms, you might be wondering what trees to plant. Sesmas Tree Service has years of experience dealing with trees and we hope this article is helpful.

Advantages of Trees That Can Survive Flooding

Trees can suffocate if they are covered in water but some water loving trees do have an ability to grow roots without needing much air. So, if you live in a marshy area or experience frequent floods and storms, there are options. In fact, wet soil trees are great for soaking up excess water in your yard. Strategic placement of wet soil trees in your yard can use up excess water in the vicinity and dry the surrounding area, making room for other plants and vegetation that are not built to handle excessive water.

It is important to remember, however, that wet soil trees do tend to have more extensive and invasive roots. Be sure to keep these trees happy with more than enough water. Otherwise, they will seek water on their own by extending roots that can cause damage to pipes and septic systems. The professionals at Sesmas Tree Service can help you determine the best locations to plant your wet soil tree to minimize risk of damage to pipes. Call now to speak to an expert for any type of tree care and tree removal services.

Some Popular Wet Soil Trees

Though there is a plethora of wet soil trees available, we cannot list and describe all of them. Instead, we will go over some popular options in Georgia.

  • Red Maple: The Red Maple is one of the most popular landscape trees. They tolerate moist areas but not severe flooding.
  • Bald Cypress: If you know about Cypress ponds then you know that the Bald Cypress is certainly a wet soil tree. Be aware that these can grow up to 80 feet.
  • Weeping Willow: Poetic, flowing, and fast-growing. Weeping willows love their water and have inspired poetry, music, and art.

If you are interested in learning more about wet soil trees to plant in your yard, consider calling the professionals at Sesmas Tree Service for professional consultations with a certified arborist. We are always happy to help!

Need Help Planting and Maintaining Your Wet Soil Trees?

Planting, growing, and maintaining trees is satisfying yet hard work. If you ever get frustrated or too busy to handle your wet soil trees, then call the professionals at Sesmas Tree Service. We have over fifteen years of experience, sophisticated tools, and certified arborists that can make sure your wet soil trees are in good health and vitalize your yard.