Aug 3 2019

Trees That Can Survive Flooding

Heavy downpour of rain or poor draining capacity of the soil can lead to flooding. Flooding is known for its damage to roads, houses, plants and trees. In a flood, the water does damage to the root of the trees while the standing water causes the root to rot. However, some trees are tolerant to these adverse conditions.

Below are examples of trees that can survive flooding:


Also known as River Birch is a fast growing tree, popular at river banks. It is found almost everywhere in America especially in the eastern parts. The River Birch is tolerant to heat and wetness.

Bald Cypress (Taxodiumdistichum)

It is found throughout the Southeastern swamps and the extreme areas of the southeast. The Bald cypress can also be found growing on dry hills in Texas and also in cities in the north. Due to its flood-tolerant benefit, the Bald cypress is planted in commercial areas.

It has a very wide trunk and knobby roots. These roots normally protrude to the surface of the soil during floods.

California Laurel

Popularly known as myrtle or bay laurel, it grows in almost any condition but has a high liking for moisture rich environment. The California laurel can grow as tall as 45 feet, especially when planted in a water rich environment. It has the ability of regenerating even after a fire.


For optimal growth, the pecan tree needs a well-drained soil for a good number of months but it's also flood tolerant. It was originally native the floodplains of the southeast.

Western red-cedar

The Western redcedar is a fast growing conifer known for its ever green color. It's one of the tallest trees, growing as tall as 50 to 70 feet. The Western redcedar as the name implies is a native of the western Rockies.

Western hemlock

This is a good example of a flood tolerant tree. The Western hemlock is known for its size and an amazing height of over 70 to 200 feet.

Red Maple

The Red maple is tree known for its amazing growth and soil tolerance. It's native from the eastern edge of the Great Plains down to the Atlantic. This tree is currently a favorite of homeowners in the United States.

Silver Maple

Popularly known by swamp maple or river maple, this tree has lobed leaves and a very thin bark, gray in color, with a height of 90 to 140 feet. The tree has a root system that's shallow, hence it's advised to plant the silver maple away from buildings and driveways. The silver maple grows best in soil of pH within the range of 4.5 to 7.0.

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