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 Autumn Tree Care Tips

27 AUG 2021

Autumn Tree Care Tips

Fall is such a great time – the beautiful earthy colors, the warm and cozy scents, comfort foods, and yard care! When it comes to preparing your yard for the autumn seasons, you need to remember to care for your trees too! Tree care is especially important during the fall. Don’t believe it? Just call Sesmas Tree Service!

If you’re looking for a tree company or a tree service, Sesmas Tree Service is the one to call. Whether you’re looking for tree care advice, tree removal, or anything in between, we are always here to help! Your trees do so much more than provide your front or backyard with privacy and shade – they actually help us to breathe better!

While most of your yard work and lawn care isn’t as necessary as the months get colder, it’s still important to provide proper tree care and prep your trees for the fall season. Not sure how to prep your tree? Keeping reading!

4 Tips for Autumn Tree Care

1.  Fertilize properly
As the months start to get colder, the need to fertilize does not go away. You may not need to fertilize your grass and your plants, but your trees still need it. The roots and shrubs of your tree continue to grow in the fall, meaning you still need to properly fertilize it. This will ensure your tree is always getting the right amount of nutrients it needs – increasing root production.

2.  Prune your tree
Before the harsh weather comes, you should spend some time pruning your tree and removing and dead or broken branches or leaves. This will help keep your tree big and healthy during the cold months, and it will allow for new growth next season. You may need to do this 2-3 times before you see cold weather.

3.  Check the structure of your tree
Similar to the foundation of your home, the structure of your trees are super important to maintenance. If your tree has any sort of structural defect, you will want to put in solutions before the harsh weather comes. If you notice your tree is slightly curved and leaning towards your home, you may want to give Sesmas Tree Service a call to help straighten it out.

4.  Provide proper protection
Your tree experiences a lot of stress and trauma throughout the year – whether it be from weather, neglect, or animal destruction. If you really want to see your tree thrive and you want to avoid tree removal, you should properly protect your tree. That could be replenishing the mulch to keep the roots warm, or wrapping your tree to prevent animals from damaging it this winter.

Is it finally time for tree care services? Are you looking for a reliable tree company to help you prep your trees for the colder months? Do you have multiple tree services you need performed but you aren’t able to do it yourself? Sounds like it’s time to call Sesmas Tree Service! Our team is dedicated to the health of your tree. Call our office today to learn more about the variety of tree care services we offer!