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Tips on Spotting a Dangerous Tree

11 MAY 2022

Tips on Spotting a Dangerous Tree

Falling trees are among the leading causes of safety hazards to people around the globe. If there's a sick or dying tree in your backyard, it might be time you consider hiring a tree care company to mitigate property damage and injuries. Unfortunately, most homeowners lack sufficient knowledge and expertise on how to examine the trees in their yards and only realize there's a problem when it's too late. At Sesmas Tree Service, we believe that most tree-related incidents can be prevented by providing regular maintenance and care.

As the leading tree service provider, we have helped many people alleviate hazardous trees from their landscapes. Our experienced team of professional arborists can help you spot a dangerous tree on your property rather than ignoring maintenance and waiting for the inevitable. Even healthy trees can snap, fall, or crackle during heavy rainfall, ice storms, and other natural variables beyond human control. Luckily, there are several things homeowners can do to ensure they maintain healthy and predictable trees.

Ground Inspection

After inspecting its health and state, the first step to identifying a potentially dangerous tree is changing focus to the ground. Tree roots are vital for growth and development, and damage to the roots can lead to health issues and decay. If you don't know to assess the state of the roots, a professional tree service can help. We recommend clearing ground cover around the tree for signs of raised or cracked soil which is a disturbance. Some visible sign of decay to look out for is the growth of fungi like mushrooms, indicating signs of deterioration. A tree care company has a team of experienced arborists who can help with inspection and regular maintenance for a healthy and lush lawn.

Trunk Inspection

If you suspect there's a problem with your trees, the first place one should start checking is the trunk. The trunk supports the total weight of the tree branches, and any damage sustained can compromise the tree's well-being. Signs of a damaged tree trunk include cavities or cracks, putting the entire tree at risk of splitting or breaking. Some of the factors to consider when inspecting the trunk have the cavity's location, the tree's overall health, and where the tree is growing. Severe signs of damage like bark falling off the trunk call for professional tree care since it can be a fungus attack or dead section.

Canopy Inspection

The presence of deadwood is one of the most obvious signs of damaged trees. When trees don't get sufficient sunlight, the tree starts to lose branches, and the back will also begin to fall off. We recommend scheduling regular maintenance with a reputable tree service provider to get the care required for a healthy and safe lawn. If you detect spots on your branches or dead wood, it is a sign you need to onboard a tree care company before the damage becomes irreversible.

Our arborists have extensive knowledge and experience, guaranteeing quality maintenance and care. We guarantee exceptional services at a competitive market rate. Call us today at Sesmas Tree Service, and schedule an appointment with the experts.