Jan 27 2019

Best Shade Trees to Plant in Atlanta

The original natural habitats also referred to as Savannahs are wonderful trees to plant, to create an amazing park. If you want to combine those amazing trees to create the best shade in your garden or lawn, please contact Sesmas Tree Service. Here are some factors:

The deep roots -Though they can be difficult to mow and may compete with the turf for water they can resist strong weeds very well.

Try as much as possible to avoid those trees that seed freely especially when the soil is very fertile. Similarly, you should go for trees that produce a nice aesthetic appeal in all seasons. You may also go for the ones with seasonal color. 

Longevity is a factor you should consider when looking for shade trees because they add value to the property, hence they become a great investment over time. 

Choose the tidy trees- through all trees come with their own issues you want to ensure that you keep such issues to the minimum. Make sure you avoid trees that are too brittle and those that drop too many twigs, branches, and messy fruits. You may want to contact Sesmas Tree Service for more information on choosing the most suitable shade trees to plant in Atlanta.

What are the best trees for lawns in Atlanta?

If you are looking for the ideal shade trees for your lawn, you may want to avoid the maple, Birch and Bradford pear because of the challenges they pose. The Oak should be your number one option because of its beauty, stability, and longevity. They can develop to create a pyramid shade while growing and the shade can become broader when they mature. The Live oak is good also but may spread beyond its space, hence they are good for larger yards. 

The Tupelo is another shade tree you may want to consider especially if you have a low-lying law on wet soil. It produces excellent red color and creates an amazing shade. It is normally referred to as the swamp oak because it is found mostly in the swampy areas. 

The Tulip Poplar is another option you may want to consider. It produces a bright yellow leaf in the fall, and it grows uprightly quite fast. Tulip Poplar is most beautiful in clusters of three, and it is most suited for the estate houses and rural regions. It can be mixed with Tupelo to create an amazing splash of color, especially in the fall season.

Contact Sesmas Tree Service for the most suitable shade trees and flowering plants for your home

Other amazing shade trees one should consider for the lawn in Atlanta include; Princeton Elm, Gingko, and Chinese Pistache. If you want the most ideal flowering plants, you should consider the likes of the Sweet bay, Saucer Magnolia, White Dogwood, and Redbud.

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