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Best Shade Trees to Plant in Atlanta

27 JAN 2019

Best Shade Trees to Plant in Atlanta

Trees are majestic living organisms that provide fruits and oxygen, increase the value of homes, reduce soil erosion, define outdoor spaces, and provide shade and breezes to targeted locations. Getting the most of these benefits is not as simple as planting any tree in just any random location, though. Professional arborists like those at Sesmas Tree Service know a good deal about trees. They know how to select the right tree, right place, and the right time.

This article will not be intensive but is a basic introduction to choosing the best shade tree to plant in Atlanta. If you have any specific questions or concerns, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with an ISA-certified arborist, then call Sesmas Tree Service today.

Factors to Consider

You cant just toss any tree seed into any part of your yard and expect wonderful results. It takes some planning. Here are some of the features of a tree to consider when deciding to plant a tree in Atlanta:

  • Roots: Tree roots can be shallow or run deep. They can be docile or aggressively seek water. Each root type has its benefits and challenges.
  • Longevity: How long is your tree expected to live? How long will it take to grow to an adult size and provide the benefits you seek?
  • Aesthetic Appeal: A healthy and beautiful tree can significantly increase the value of your property but be sure to choose one that complements your property.

Best Shade Trees for Atlanta Lawns

Lets start with the famous oak tree. The mighty oak is long-living, beautiful, and sturdy. Though there are many types of oaks including Red Oaks and Live Oaks, these trees generally provide generous amounts of shade with branches that can reach over a hundred feet in length. This enormous length can be a problem, however, if your property is on the smaller end.

The Tulip Poplar is another great option with large leaves that have a nice yellow fall color. They are fast growers with a growth rate of about 25 inches per year. The Tulip Tree can grow up to ninety feet high with a crown spreading between thirty and fifty feet.

If you live in a swampy area with overly wet soil, then the Tupelo tree is a good option. The Tupelo actually means swamp tree after all. They have astonishing orange to red fall leaves and are a great choice for smaller yards. The mature Tupelo grows to a height of about fifty feet and a width of up to thirty feet. They can withstand dry sites and occasional drought so do not worry too much about watering requirements.

Call the Professionals at Sesmas Tree Service

If you want to arrange a yard layout tailored for your property, then consider consulting with the certified arborists at Sesmas Tree Service. Our experts can help from the planning stage all the way to the planting and maintenance. Call Sesmas Tree Service now to consult or schedule an appointment.