Mar 21 2019

Trees and Other Plants That Can Damage Your Plumbing

Trees can beautify and improve the curb appeal of your property as well as provide shade to help you save on energy utilization. No wonder most homeowners use it to portray their personalities in addition to making their landscape the cynosure of all eyes in the neighborhood.

Although trees are highly regarded to play essential roles in our environment, some species could wage war on the underground plumbing system in your property.

It is critical that you read this article to know those trees that could potentially destroy your plumbing and tips to help you prevent the adverse effects of tree roots.

Oak trees

Although oak trees are slow growers, they have super power roots that could destroy the underground water and sewer pipes. Some people avoid planting this tree in their property because of its tendency to pose a hazard to the plumbing system.

The root network of oak trees grows straight down in search of water thereby destroying surrounding pipes.

The oak trees should be grown far away from your plumbing system, or you will get prepared to spend your hard earned money repairing your underground pipes.

Ivy plants

Ivy plants grow swiftly with the potentials of penetrating the pipes in your property. They are a popular choice for ground cover in most homes, but the devastating effect of their roots on plants makes most homeowners avoid cultivating them.

The willow trees

The roots of willow trees absorb a great deal of water, and that is why they are found close to streams or rivers. They are gorgeous when planted in private landscape, but their thirst for water can make their roots destroy your plumbing system.

No matter their curb appeal, homeowners should not grow the willow trees in their property since they can cause severe damages to pipes.

The birch trees

When it comes to providing shade in your landscape, birch trees are highly recommended. They have different species and can grow up to 50 feet with broadened branches. However, their roots penetrate three times the maximum height of the trees making them one of the greatest threats to your plumbing or sewer system.

The roots of the tree need enough space to spread out in their search for more water. Growing birch trees in your property are not recommended considering the potential damage they can cause to your plumbing system.

How to prevent the effects of tree roots on your plumbing system

It takes the proper measuring and research before you could prevent plumbing problems caused by roots. There are other factors to consider including:

It is paramount that you have an arborist from Sesmas Tree Service to inspect the proposed area, soil and other factors before planting your trees. If you already have trees planted in your yard that are affecting the undergrounding plumbing, call us, and we will proffer a lasting solution.

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