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Trees and Other Plants That Can Damage Your Plumbing

21 MAR 2019

Trees and Other Plants That Can Damage Your Plumbing

Trees, plants, and shrubs might seem harmless, but it doesnt take sharp teeth to be threatening. Those beautiful trees or elegant shrubs on your yard might secretly be costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars as they penetrate your plumbing system. This article brought to you by Sesmas Tree Service will go over some trees, shrubs, and plants that can and might already be wreaking havoc on your underground pipes and utility lines. If you have any questions or concerns and would like to speak with an ISA-certified arborist then please call Sesmas Tree Service to consult with a professional.

Predator Plants

Plants are delicate for the most part, but some can be extremely threatening to your other plants and even your plumbing system. Ivy plants are especially risky. It is estimated that uncontrolled ivy can grow three times its average size in as little as four months. It is precisely this exponential growth and aggressiveness that is worrisome and the reason why many homeowner associations ban ivy plants. Ivies can grow on the ground and walls, eventually finding their way into cracks and crevices. If they get into your pipes, then you might experience blockages and pipe damage that is costly to repair.

Saboteur Shrubs

Shrubs such as boxwood shrubs and holly bushes provide aesthetic value and are usually planted along the home or buildings foundation. It is for this reason that they are dangerous. Their close proximity to your homes structure and plumbing system means you must be extra careful with them. If they do not receive the right amount of water or nutrients, then you can expect them to go off looking for these on their own. Where will they likely find the water they need? Probably in or around your plumbing system.

Traveling Tree Roots

Trees are firmly grounded thanks to their deep root system. The same root system that keeps the tree up could be what brings your plumbing system down, though. These are some common trees that have particularly dangerous roots:

  • Willow Trees: The famous weeping willow might not cry tears, but it certainly loves water. Thats why you usually see them growing near rivers and streams. If you do not adequately water these trees, then you can expect them to aggressively search for water in your yard or plumbing system.
  • Poplar Trees: These tall, majestic trees are great for providing cool, shaded areas, but their roots can grow two to three times the height of the tree. Considering poplar trees can grow up to 150 feet, the roots can travel 450 feet out from the base of the tree. Yikes.
  • Oak Trees: How can you have a tree as sturdy as an oak without solid roots that hold it down? These trees have a main root, called the taproot, which grows straight down into the ground as well as supplemental roots that grow laterally from the tree.

Consult with A Professional

If you are looking to beautify your yard or if you are worried about your plumbing systems safety, then call Sesmas Tree Service to consult with a professional. We can have an ISA-certified arborist work with you to make sure your plumbing system is safe and sound.