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Dealing With Invasive Plants

24 NOV 2021

Dealing with Invasive Plants

Having plants throughout your property is a great way to add curb appeal and beauty to your yard. But, if the home you live in had things like Japanese knotweed, a tree of heaven, or winged euonymus plants, then you know how wild these plants can get. These are what Sesmas Tree Service calls invasive plants. As a tree company offering a wide variety of tree and plant care services, we’ve seen our fair share of invasive plants and we’ve learned just how to deal with them.

Invasive plants are not considered native to an ecosystem. In fact, by adding anything that is considered an invasive plant can cause harm to your current ecosystem in your property. What does this mean for your other plants? This means it can cause other plants to dry out, die, or becoming infested with insects or diseases. As a homeowner, you work so hard to create a beautiful landscape for your home, do you really want it to be ruined by an invasive plant? We think not! If you’re looking for a tree company that can provide you with tree removal or aid in dealing with invasive plants, you need to call Sesmas Tree Service today!

Keep reading to learn how you can identify and manage invasive plants.

How To Identify & Manage Invasive Plants

Depending on where you are located, there may be some native invasive plants in your area that you might already have on your property. Each region has different plants that homeowners need to look out for. If you have a plant on your property that you aren’t sure about, just call Sesmas Tree Service and we will come and check it out for you!

Some common invasive plant species are Japanese knotweed, burning bush (also known as winged euonymus), and tree of heaven are known for being some of the most invasive plants there are.

These invasive plants species, in addition to the other hundreds of different species, started off as being purposely planted in yards. But, after some time, homeowners realized these species were actually ruining their other plants. Once these kinds of plant species are rooted and established, it can be hard to get rid of them, and it can be hard to grow other things around them.

So, what do you do if you have invasive plants? The first thing you will want to do is call Sesmas Tree Service for tree removal or tree care. You can also try pulling these plants out (depending on their size). If you go with this option, you want to ensure you get all of the roots out or the plant will just grow back. You can also try moving or trimming the plant to stop it from growing.

It’s important to find a solution that works for your property. Without proper care for invasive plants, you won’t have an easy time growing anything else.

Call Sesmas Tree Service Today!

Are you dealing with multiple invasive plants on your property and you need help from a tree company? Are you looking for tree removal for an invasive plant on your property? Do you need help from a knowledgeable tree company for tree removal? Call Sesmas Tree Service today to learn more!