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The Life Cycle of a Tree

23 FEB 2022

The Life Cycle of a Tree

When you see a big healthy tree, you can't imagine it was once a tiny seed. Understanding the life cycle of a tree goes a long way in ensuring you maintain a healthy and safe lawn, not to mention enhancing your home's value and appeal. Sesmas Tree Service is your go-to tree care company to protect your trees from destructive agents and ensure they are in tiptop condition. Onboarding our experts for tree service allows you to access vital information for tree care. Let us take a look at the different stages in the life cycle of a tree.

Sprouting (Germination)

A seed needs to be planted in a fertile and safe place to germinate and increase survival chances. Once the seed is safely tucked in the soil, the primary root is the first to break through, providing sufficient stability and water needed for growth and development. This process paves the way for germination, where the shoot starts to emerge from below or above the shoot leaf. Ensuring that the developing seed is safe by providing the necessary care to grow. Sesmas Tree Service recommends onboarding a tree service expert at the beginning of the project to ensure everything kicks off the right way.


Once the tip of the shoot emerges above the soil, it is no longer referred to as a shoot but a seedling. This stage is considered the most fragile since it is more susceptible to damage and diseases. A professional tree care company can help you protect your tree seedlings and ensure they are in tiptop condition. The experts at Sesmas Tree Service can assess your tree seedlings for potential infestations or diseases and recommend the ideal solution.


Most people confuse a sapling with a mature tree, but several differences between the two can help you provide better care. These differences include flexible trunks in saplings, which is not the case for mature trees. Depending on the type of trees you have in your yard, the duration it takes to transition from sapling to a mature tree varies. A tree service provider can help you provide the necessary care needed to maintain a healthy sapling regardless of the duration.

Mature Tree

Once you notice that it's flowering and producing fruits, it is an indication that it's entering the next stage in its development. Although a mature tree can grow without care, it is important to schedule regular maintenance with a reliable and reputable tree care company. This will prevent any potential damage from becoming more severe and prevent pest infestation, diseases, and tree death.

Trees need professional care and maintenance to prevent them from becoming safety hazards or deteriorating the value and appeal of your home. If you are looking to improve the quality of your lawn, contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and schedule an appointment with our tree service experts. We guarantee nothing but exceptional tree care at a cost-effective price.