Lawn Care in Suwanee

Property owners, managers, and tenants in Suwanee looking for a professional, experienced, and reliable lawn care in Suwanee are in luck. Sesmas Tree Service is bringing its fifteen years of experience to Suwanee. As a local, family-business, Sesmas is dedicated to serving its community through caring, professional care of the environment. If you are interested in beautifying your lawn at a reasonable price, Sesmas Tree Service is the business for you. In fact, we are so confident in our pricing that we offer upfront price estimates.

Basic Lawn Services

First and foremost, our lawn care in Suwanee covers basic lawn services such as weed control, fertilization & aeration in Suwanee. The more sophisticated work is worth less without covering the fundamentals. Our professionals will remove leaves, sharpen your lawn’s look, and ensure it is receiving its water and nutrients. 

Curb Appeal

Your curb gives people the first impression of your property and first impressions are important. When we perform a lawn service, we do it with this fact in mind. Sesmas works to make sure the first impression is a great one. We ensure that your curb is cut clean and complements the rest of your lawn as well as the frame and appearance of your house or building.

Suwanee Lawn Service

Seeding, Feeding, and Re-Seeding

Having a great lawn does not end after planting the initial seeds. Without proper maintenance, your work could go to waste as the cycle of life takes a toll on your grass. Pets, foot traffic, and kids playing on your lawn are only some of the things that can result in bare patches and thinning grass. This is why it is important to feed and re-seed your lawn to preserve the fresh greenness. Our lawn care service includes regular seeding and feeding to give you a great looking yard all year-round!

Aerating and Weed Removal

Achieving and maintaining a beautiful lawn requires steady and consistent work. Neglected lawns can turn into a weed infested territory before you know it. Moreover, your soil could become especially compacted over time as foot traffic and dead grass makes it more and more difficult for air, water, and nutrients to access the roots of your plant life.

Sesmas Tree Service can help your grass receive its respectful nutrients and water by removing the obstacles in its way. We will remove weeds that not only make your lawn look messy but also consume nutrients that would otherwise turn your lawn fresh and green. Further, we will aerate your lawn by removing thatch and other heavy debris.

Why Choose Sesmas Tree Services as Your Lawn Care Specialist?

Sesmas Tree Service has been in business since 2005. As a small family business, Sesmas focused on providing professional and affordable services without forsaking its principles of integrity, loyalty, and community. Over time, Sesmas has expanded all over the Metro Atlanta area. We are proud to announce that we are now serving our Suwanee neighbors and friends. If you are a Suwanee resident looking for lawn care near me, then Sesmas is what you are looking for. We offer free consultations for first-time callers and look forward to helping you achieve the lawn of your dreams.

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