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How to Professionally Remove Tree Stumps Painlessly

26 APR 2023

How to Professionally Remove Tree Stumps Painlessly

When a residential or commercial property owner wants to remove tree roots, unique challenges may require a professional tree care company. Many people want to maintain healthy trees, but the roots cause structural damage and other safety hazards. If this is the scenario in your premises, the Sesmas Tree Service can help you remove the roots without harming the tree or destroying the yard.

We have seasoned tree service providers ready to help you evaluate surfaced roots that threaten the well-being and safety of your property. If you want to attempt root removal without the proper tools and expertise, don’t! The last thing you want is to severely damage the tree, causing death and attracting diseases and infestations to your premises.

Techniques for Removing Tree Roots Without Damage

A professional service provider can measure the tree’s diameter and estimate the size of the root system. This also helps to determine the ideal time and location to start removal without harming the tree. The best way to remove tree roots is to start at the edges so that you can allow the tree to continue growing without causing property damage.

There are safe chemical and physical root removal techniques, and a trusted tree care company can help you choose the most suitable option for your needs. The wrong root removal method can cause safety risks for children, pets, and surrounding plants. Even if you prefer a hands-on approach to root removal, have a certified arborist on the premises for guidance.

How Professional Tree Removal Companies Prepare Roots

Tree removal is a tremendous and potentially risky job. The slightest miscalculation can cause devastating damages, severe injuries, hefty repair costs, and fines for violating local laws. When you are ready to bring down a tree in your backyard, we adhere to safety protocols like clearing the work site and cutting notches at 70 to 90 degrees on the side you want the tree to fall. After the tree falls, root removal starts. Extensive root systems pose unique challenges for stump removal, so we recommend hiring a tree care company to handle the heavy lifting.

Root Removal without Removing a Tree

Tree root removal doesn’t have to be complicated, but it usually requires a professional tree service provider. An excellent example of such a scenario is when you want to eliminate the surface roots and keep the tree in your yard. We can dig out the soil around the base and remove portions of the root system to encourage regrowth without damaging the tree.

A tree canopy and its root system grow as the tree matures. If the canopy is vast and extends across the yard, chances are the roots are of similar length and can compromise the structural integrity of your foundation and other structures. We can cut out overgrown roots and identify which must remain for a healthy, lasting tree. Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and schedule a consultation with our experts to learn about tree care and root removal from the experts.