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How We Safely Remove Large Trees from Small Spaces

06 AUG 2021

How We Safely Remove Large Trees from Small Spaces

At Sesmas Tree Service, we have devoted ourselves to servicing and caring for trees from their inception to their death. We appreciate trees for all of what they offer our species and the ecosystem. This is why we prefer to exhaust every option before resorting to removing a tree, especially if the tree is perfectly healthy. Still, we know that a tree removal is sometimes necessary. Many property owners who have a small lot choose to remove a tree or trees on their property to make room for other projects or plants. These jobs are especially tricky, but Sesmas Tree Service is up for the challenge.

The Risks Involved

You can probably already guess some of the risks involved in removing large trees from small spaces, but it’s worth reminding.

If you live in an urban area, then you likely have utility lines running over and through your property. In fact, it might be for this reason that you want the tree or trees removed. In any case, the removal process should be meticulously performed to avoid damaging utility lines. Snapped electrical wires can be fatal and expose you to costly legal liabilities.

There is also the risk of branches and tree limbs falling on your roof, vehicles, or pedestrians. These limbs should not be allowed to fall. Rather, they should be cut and guided down safely.

Finally, there are the tree roots. If you want to truly free up your yard without delay, then you have got to remove the stump as well. However, you have got to be careful not to damage pipes and underground utility lines.

About Our Process

A tree removal is a dangerous job and should be left to professional arborists and tree service providers who have the necessary gear, tools, and equipment. A tree removal is dangerous in itself, but when the tree is a confined, small space, then the job is that much riskier. We won’t get into the nitty gritty details, but here is how we approach a tree removal in a small space.

We evaluate the property, taking note of vulnerable structures and infrastructure. We want to plan the best route for getting to and removing the tree from the property. Next, we bring in our bucket truck to a safe distance.

Once the bucket truck is situated, we raise a crew member to where they can reach the first part of the tree to be removed. The tree surgeon will methodically remove pieces of the tree one at a time, tying large pieces with rope so that they can be safely lowered to the ground.

After the tree surgeon has removed the canopy and higher branches, he/she will move down the trunk of the tree. All of the pieces will be loaded into our trailer and hauled off of your property. We can even grind or remove the stump if you wish.

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