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How to Protect Young Trees from Wind Damage

16 JUN 2019

How to Protect Young Trees from Wind Damage

Planting a tree is a wonderful investment for your property as trees can provide shade, fruits, and value to your property. Every tree planted is a counteraction against co2 emissions and helps our environment as well. However, young trees can be considerably sensitive and require extra care just as children are. Therefore, it is crucial that homeowners and business owners pay special attention to their trees during the early stages. Though the threats to young trees are countless, wind damage is something that the professionals at Sesmas Tree Service recommend that you protect young trees against. The following are some steps you can take to protect young trees from wind damage. Feel free to call tree care experts Sesmas Tree Service if you have any specific questions or concerns.

The Dangers and Consequences of Wind Damage

During the early stages of their development, young trees have trunks, branches, and leaves that are awfully delicate. Powerful gusts of wind can uproot these saplings, sending you back to step one. Even short but strong drafts of wind can cause harm, blowing leaves off of the branches of the trees and wasting valuable nutrients crucial for the development of the young tree.

Choose the Right Location

If you have not yet planted your tree, then you are luckily able to take advantage of this important tip. Even if your tree is still a sapling, you can consider moving it to a safer location. Be careful with the uprooting process, though, so as to not injure the tree and its roots. Choosing the right location can drastically reduce your young trees exposure to harsh winds. If the wind typically blows from east to west, then try moving your tree to a location with buffers on the east side of the tree.

Water Sufficiently and On Time

When a tree becomes dehydrated, its branches, stem, and roots will weaken and eventually die. Keeping your tree water encourages stronger roots and branches, reducing the young trees risk of wind damage. Therefore, be sure to water your tree sufficiently and on time without overdoing it. You do not want to drown your tree either.

Stake Your Trees

Use support stakes to provide extra stability for your young tree, especially when the stem and branches of the tree are still fragile. Support stakes can be made of wood, metal, or even durable plastic. Mildly but firmly tie the tree to the support stake with a soft fabric. Leave a little slack for the tree to move freely but not so much that the tree sways too far.

Provide Cover

If you are unable to move your tree to a protected area or if you expect especially strong winds from an unprotected angle, then provide the young tree with cover. You can buy ready-made tree tents or make one by yourself using fabric and support shafts.

Call the Professionals

If you are still unsure of how to protect your young trees from tree damage or if you do not have the time to work on this task, then consider calling the experts. Sesmas Tree Service is a leader in the industry with ISA certified arborists that can be at your location with one call. Call Sesmas Tree Service to speak with a friendly professional today.