Jun 16 2019

How to Protect Young Trees from Wind Damage

Planting a tree is a wise investment for the future because it comes with an enormous social, environmental, and economic impact to the homeowner and the community as well. Tree planting presents the opportunity for us to take positive action today and reap the rewards in terms of availability of consumer products, technology, land restoration, and to solve the escalating CO2 problem.

Unfortunately, adverse weather condition and strong winds can pose a considerable threat to the survival of newly planted trees, and there is no way to control mother nature.

So, how do we preserve this natural commodity from the rampaging effects of whether that could cause unprecedented damages?

First off, consult an emergency tree service provider

When it comes to protecting your young trees from being uprooted by the wind, there are a lot of factors to be considered, such as:

Without looking into these factors, you will run a risk of exposing your young trees to damage from high winds.

Therefore, call tree care specialist at Sesmas Tree Service and get your yard inspected by a professional who will recommend the location to plant your tree, the type of tree to plant and preventive measures against adverse weather conditions.

For those already having trees in their property, you can be guided by the following tips.

Stake the young tree

If you want to protect your trees from wind damage in the spring and summer months, using support stakes when planting new trees is the right step in the right direction. You can use support stakes that are made of metal or wood.

The most important thing when using support stakes is to mildly but firmly tie the tree to each stake. However, you need to ensure that the stakes are up to two or three and that they are resistive enough so as not to be swayed by the wind.

The aim of the homeowner or tree planter when using supportive stakes is for the trees to establish a far-reaching and strong root system as well as develop strong trunks.

Use a cover

One of the most effective ways of protecting your trees from wind damage is to use a cover. Using a cover delivers multiple benefits apart from protecting the tree from frost, it could protect the tree from wind and pests.

However, using a cover for your trees gives you more responsibilities - you need to keep watch on the weather forecast to uncover the trees during days of fewer winds or storms. This will enable the trees to get enough sunshine that is essential for their growth.

Water the young trees regularly

It doesn't matter the age or species of your tree; dehydration can result in negative consequences like stunted growth of the root system, weak or broken branches, and yellow leaves.

Therefore, if you want to achieve healthy growth of the young trees, try to hydrate them regularly.

Set up a routine tree trimming service

Regular maintenance of the tree will make it look healthy, become free from damage in a storm, and also keep the members of your household safer. The right way to ensure the healthy growth of your tree is to subscribe to Sesmas Tree Service for routine tree care and trimming service.

Our tree care services will help reduce the threat posed by strong wind to your young tree as well as keeping them healthy and properly trimmed.

To prevent fallen branches and other tree-related hazards, consider setting up a routine tree trimming service for your Atlanta home. By keeping your mature trees properly trimmed, you will be able to keep your household and surrounding property safer in high winds or heavy rains.

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