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How to Care for Your Tree's Roots

08 FEB 2022

How to Care for Your Tree's Roots

Trees play a vital role in enhancing the appeal of your backyard and improving the quality of the environment. Trees need several essential elements to survive, such as water, carbon dioxide, sunlight, and good fertile soil for their roots, to grow healthy and strong. Understanding the various parts of a tree goes a long way in ensuring you provide the needed care for a healthy and lush lawn. Sesmas Tree Service is a top-ranked tree service company that offers a range of residential and commercial services from trimming, tree cutting, emergency tree removal, and many more. Our team comprises experienced contractors who are ready to help you with tips to maintaining healthy tree roots.

Aside from holding the tree firm on the ground, roots are vital for absorbing minerals and water from the soil. Depending on environmental factors, and the type of tree in your property, roots can grow from 12 inches to several meters beyond the tree's canopy. Sesmas Tree Service can assess the state of your trees and recommend the most suitable root care plan. Here are some tips to follow if you want a healthy root system.

Invest in Mulch

Mulch is a nutrient-filled, organic material that is strategically placed around the tree for extra moisture for the tree. It is advisable to lay mulch during spring to boost growth and provide the needed nutrients during winter. Most trees are usually affected by the cold winter weather, but adding mulch can add an extra layer of protection for the roots, preventing damage. If your tree sustains damage due to the cold, Sesmas Tree Service can assess the injury severity before recommending emergency tree removal or any other viable tree service.

Water Your Tree

When you plant a tree, watering it becomes part of your routine until the tree grows. However, routinely watering your tree should not come to an end because the tree is old, especially during a drought. Watering your plant helps propel its growth by keeping it healthy and preventing damage by pests. Failure to provide sufficient water for your tree can lead to tree death, which deteriorates the quality and appeal of your property.

Let Roots Breath

Like humans, trees need oxygen to survive. That's why it is advisable to have a watering schedule that doesn't involve watering your trees every day. This gives the soil time to dry out, allowing air to circulate. While mulching and compacting the soil around the tree's base has its benefits, you risk suffocating the roots, which can have dire consequences on the tree's well-being. If you suspect that your roots aren't getting sufficient air, the experts at Sesmas Tree Service can help you make changes to your maintenance.

Cutting a root of a tree impacts a lot of stress, to a point it affects growth. Most people mistake cutting roots that grow above the ground, leaving them vulnerable to attacks by viruses and bacteria. Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service and schedule an appointment with our professionals for a healthy and beautiful landscape.