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How to Stop Tree Roots From Sprouting in the Lawn

19 NOV 2021

How to Stop Tree Roots From Sprouting in the Lawn

The trees on your property add so much charm and character to your home, don’t they? While they create a lot of beauty and curb appeal, you have to be careful when it comes to their roots. When your tree is really healthy, the roots spread throughout your property, and depending on the size of the tree, they can grow pretty far. If you’re looking to learn more about trees roots and how their growth can affect your yard, Sesmas Tree Service has you covered!

While it’s great that your trees are healthy and thriving, if the roots grow to be too big for the size of your yard, it can cause issues for your yard and your home. If your roots do cause some sort of damage and you don’t get it taken care of quickly, you can be dealing with even worse damage.

There are ways to deal with these kinds of things, and Sesmas Tree Service is going to discuss those ways now!

4 Ways To Stop Trees Roots From Sprouting in Your Lawn

  • Consider the age of your tree

If you have a tree on your property and the roots seem to be an issue, it’s important to consider how old your tree is and how stable it is. Some trees may become an even bigger danger once you remove the roots, so if you need help from an arborist team, give Sesmas Tree Service a call!

  • Fix them quickly

If you notice any roots sticking out from the ground, the proper thing to do is deal with them immediately. These kinds of things don’t go away with time, so make sure to give our team a call for tree care right away. Tree sprouts are small and weak when you think about them, but if you don’t take care of them once you notice them, they will continue to grow and become much harder to deal with.

  • Alternatives to cutting

Homeowners’ first instinct when they notice tree roots sticking out is to cut them, but that isn’t always the greatest option. Try using things like rock salt to stop the tree roots from sprouting. This won’t cause any serious damage or harm to the health and stability of your tree, but it will solve your problem with sprouting roots.

  • Remove the trouble ones first

When trimming tree roots, you always want to start with the ones that seem to be problematic first. This will decrease your risk of damaging your other landscaping. Dig out the soil around your roots, and go slowly when removing them. Remember – slow and steady wins the race!

Are you looking for a tree company to provide you with tree services in Roswell or advice on how to properly care for your trees? Do you need help getting your trees back into health and you don’t know where to start? If you are looking for a team of arborists who can provide you with a range of tree services, call Sesmas Tree Service today to learn how we can help!