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Dead Trees: Why You Should Remove it Before it Falls

10 AUG 2022

Dead Trees: Why You Should Remove it Before it Falls

Maintaining a healthy and lush landscape involves many activities, and one of the most crucial is tree removal. Trees die from several reasons, such as physical injury, disease and pest infestation. Dead trees are an eyesore and safety hazard that can cause severe damage if not addressed in time. If you detect deterioration in your trees, it is essential to hire a professional tree service for inspection. Sesmas Tree Service leverages extensive industry experience and expertise to help you detect signs of damage before they get out of hand.

While ignoring a dying or dead tree is easy, it makes things worse mainly if it’s located near your home, utility lines and other structures. If you are still not convinced removing a dead tree is the best decision, here are some reasons you should reconsider.

Dead Trees Are Dangerous

The main reason to get rid of a dead tree is that it is a safety hazard. The decaying wood and reduced structural integrity mean the branches are likely to fall during storms or strong winds. Aside from natural causes, dead limbs can fall at any time, risking damage to property and injuries to anyone around. If the roots are severely compromised, the entire tree can fall, causing immense damage to your loved ones, home or vehicle. You can avoid this by detecting and removing dead trees to enhance the safety of your premises.

Attract Pests

A dead tree in your home attracts pests such as wood-boring insects and termites. Damaged trees are prime targets for these unwanted critters, which speed up the deterioration process. Animals such as rats and mice may attempt to seek shelter in the dead tree; the more reason to have it removed. If the causes of damage are insects or diseases, our arborist can conduct a comprehensive assessment to ensure nearby trees are not affected. Scheduling routine maintenance inspections with a professional goes a long way in ensuring your trees remain healthy.

Dead Trees Spread Disease

Many tree diseases go undetected until the damage is severe or irreversible. Whether a tree is dying or dead, it can spread the disease to other plants and trees, affecting the health and vitality of your trees. Professional inspections are crucial to detecting signs of infection and preventing vulnerability to injuries and pests. Having a tree removal service on hand is a good idea because our arborist can assess other trees to determine if they are infected.

Dead Trees Are Unattractive

If you plan to put your home on the market in the future, providing routine maintenance is crucial to improving property value. A damaged tree reduces the aesthetic value of your landscape and sticks out from other healthy and robust trees. Depending on your neighborhood, the homeowners association can require residents to remove dead trees to maintain a good impression on a visitor.

You should hire a tree removal service to eliminate damaged or dead trees. Please schedule a consultation with our representatives and enjoy exceptional services at pocket-friendly rates. Contact us at Sesmas Tree Service to learn more about our tree care and maintenance services.